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Supply Chain News: Are Manufacturers Really bringing Back Work to US?

Anecdotes and some Data Say Yes – Even as Trade Deficits with China Rise; US Now has Total Cost Advantage in Some Areas, GE Executive Says It remains mostly anecdotal, but a growing number of major US companies seem to be repatriating some work sent offshore in recent years back to America. Enough to signal […]

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  • 13. September 2010

Six Reasons To Worry About China in Your Supply Chain

Thursday, May 20, 2010 Kevin O’Marah If this sounds like China bashing, well—fair enough—it sort of is. But let’s be clear before we start: The criticisms aren’t leveled against the private-sector supply chain professionals who are transforming the Chinese economy. These folks may be building out the global supply chain of the future more than […]

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  • 24. May 2010

SEEBURGER Offers RosettaNet Training in China

Shanghai (May 21, 2010) – SEEBURGER announced today that it is launching a program offering expert training in the use of the RosettaNet global business-to-business e-commerce standard to companies of all sizes in China. SEEBURGER’s professional trainers received in-depth RosettaNet education provided by RosettaNet’s staff instructor and Senior Technical Specialist, Mr. Hussam El-Leithy. SEEBURGER is […]

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  • 21. May 2010