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SEEBURGER AG celebrates successful 10-year commitment in China with a ceremony in Shanghai
SEEBURGER AG, a specialist in the integration of electronic data interchange, celebrates in 2016 not only the 30th anniversary of[...]
Dealing with international expansion: seizing the opportunities and knowing the risks
This article will provide an overview of the various options for international expansion and some local aspects that need to[...]


For most companies, electronic data interchange often is the first step towards automated B2B-processes. In the medium term, companies should plan on further optimization steps. This can be done either towards the up- or downstream processes. Additional savings can be achieved by paper-less automation of all trading processes. Introduction of the electronic data interchange (EDI) can be successful for any company, provided that five important principles are observed.

Process optimization through capacity utilization and intelligent use of cloud services
This article will explain why process optimization and Just-in-Time are things that should go hand in hand together with the use of[...]
Electronic Data Interchange – How to Increase Efficiency and Effectiveness Through EDI Outsourcing
"It can't be that hard! We could do that easily ourselves ... ". Are you familiar with such sentiments from[...]
Join us at EuroFinance International Cash & Treasury Management, 2015
Learn more about SEEBURGER Solutions for Corporate Treasury, Banks and Financial Institutions Optimization, Simplification, Agility, Compliance. Shape the future of[...]
Visit us at SAPPHIRENOW! SEEBURGER Cloud helping innovate, consolidate and simplify integration
Join SEEBURGER at SAPPHIRENOW! Visit us at booth 598! With more SAP integrations under our belt than any other company[...]
Continued growth leads to expansion in North America for SEEBURGER
SEEBURGER Expands to Support Customers Media Release ATLANTA, April 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- SEEBURGER  announces today the opening of two new[...]
Yazaki Europe Ltd. consolidates B2B gateways and updates with tailored automotive industry functionality
The modernization project will accelerate business and logistics processes, while lowering TCO Media Release: 13 April 2015 – Bretten / -[...]
Shape the future of your Bank
The FSI Global Business Unit welcomes you to visit our newly updated site: Optimization, Simplification, Agility, Compliance. Shape the[...]
How does SEEBURGER Software deal with Leap Seconds in UTC Time?
What is a Leap Second? The time when the civil clock was defined by the position of the sun over[...]
Upcoming Java Updates for SEEBURGER BIS
Recent updates by Oracle have introduced two different versions of Java and there is also a major version upgrade to[...]
Use Silent Setup to Automate your Infrastructure
Installing enterprise software can be an arduous task. Manually answering prompts with technical parameters in multiple environments (‘what was the[...]
Assuring your technical needs grow with you: The value of a product road map
As data patterns change, governance takes a higher priority and security becomes more complex, Financial Services Institutions are looking to[...]
Stretching the IT Spend: Address Pain Points and gain Competitive Advantages with an FSI-specific Platform
Welcome to the first of our series of seven posts on choosing an FSI secure data transmission platform! Over the[...]
SEEBURGER products and services are not vulnerable to the Shellshock Security Vulnerability
The GNU Bash ("Bourne Again Shell", /bin/bash) is reported to have security vulnerabilities nicknamed "Shellshock" CVE-2014-6271. The Shell is installed[...]
SEEBURGER not vulnerable to Heartbleed
Here is a short Q&A about SEEBURGER products and services in response to the recently announced security threat called Heartbleed:[...]
Onboarding: How to Capture Your ROI After the Deployment
by: John Applegate So you’ve done sufficient due diligence during the software acquisition to have confidence that the solution will[...]
BYOD Is Not Going Away—in fact, it’s going to explode.
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is basically an official, unofficial or unwanted policy of employees bringing their own mobile devices[...]
Taming TCO in the financial services industry
File transfer is more than a given at the average financial institution. The Financial Services Industry (FSI) thrives on information[...]
SAPinsider article sheds light on supply chain troubleshooting
Things like locating a customer order or figuring out why it didn’t ship in an ERP or SAP system can[...]
Online security in the financial services sector is a risky business
Imagine hundreds of billions of dollars vanishing right before your eyes. Well that’s exactly what happened yesterday when someone caused[...]
Butterball is No Turkey When it Comes to EDI
America’s largest producer of turkey products takes business and technology pretty seriously. With seven plants and $2 billion in annual[...]