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Italy: Fattura Electronica News 2020

The Fattura Electronica is an Italian XML based digital invoice format. It is transmitted and received via the Interchange System ‘Sistema di Interscambio’ (SdI). In this blog we discuss the latest news and regulatory changes in relation to Fattura Electronica.

Portugal Flag

New deadlines for the B2G E-Invoicing Mandate in Portugal!

Electronic invoicing in public administration, known as B2G e-invoicing, will become mandatory in Portugal from January 2021 and is similar to existing models in other European countries. The coordinating body for the implementation of e-invoicing in Portugal is eSPAP (Entidade de Serviços Partilhados da Administração Pública).


E-Invoicing and Peppol in Finland

E-Invoicing has been in use in Scandinavia for a long time. Since the 1990s E-Invoicing has been promoted for process simplifications and cost efficiency. Since 2010 Business-to-Government (B2G) E-Invoicing has been mandatory in Finland. Finland has been relying on the country-specific formats Finvoice und TEAPPSXML with a 4 corner delivery model similar to Peppol.

CAD/CAx Produktdatenaustausch

Collaborative product development and data exchange in mechanical engineering and other technical industries

Globally operating companies with development and production sites distributed around the world as well as respective partner networks no longer limit their data exchange with customers and suppliers to pure CAD/CAx data, but add a wide range of product descriptions. There are a number of options for secure data exchange which we will describe in this article.

IT Central Station

SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite Attains #1 Ranking in Three Categories on IT Central Station

The phrase “easier said than done” characterizes nearly every aspect of the enterprise technology field. Real-life IT, as experienced in actual enterprise environments, can be quite challenging and complex. Yet, with the right tools and know-how, it is eminently possible to connect critical systems and make data flow to all the right places at the proper time.

API Management

What is API Management?

APIs connect partners, systems and internal teams easily and securely. The question of regulated management – API management – becomes more important the more they are deployed and used.