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The Engine Driving Your Digital Transformation

Posteingangsverarbeitung – Künstliche Intelligenz zur Digitalisierung nutzen

Using AI for Digitizing Incoming Mail

A heterogeneous inbox requires intelligent solutions to make the subsequent business processes transparent, efficient and cost-effective. In part two of her guest article, Sara Mazzorana of TCG Process GmbH, explains how artificial intelligence in digital incoming mail solutions ensures structured incoming mail with direct connections to further processes. Incoming Mail – All In One Pot? […]

Informationssicherheit im Maschinen- und Anlagenbau

Information Security in Mechanical and Plant Engineering

Information security in data exchange and integration along the entire value chain in mechanical and plant engineering presents many companies with major challenges. The secure connection of customers, suppliers and partners in development, production, assembly, sales and service involves complex processes. Clear legal requirements and guidelines stipulate how data security must be guaranteed along the […]

Was ist ein Citizen Integrator?

What is a Citizen Integrator?

Anyone interested in the topic of iPaaS is increasingly confronted with the concept of the Citizen Integrator. In this blog we will answer the question: What is a Citizen Integrator and what is its place in corporate integration projects? iPaaS stands for Integration Platform as a Service. With this cloud variant, companies can network data, […]

Digital Banking im Schatten von COVID-19

Digital Banking in the Wake of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is clearly having a profound and transformative effect on the banking industry in a very short period of time. Businesses from small local shops to huge airlines across the globe are struggling, some businesses are failing, and many are clamoring for loans, bailouts and liquidity. The lack of liquidity is causing breakdowns […]

Standardbasierte Interoperabilität im Maschinen- und Anlagenbau

Standards-Based Interoperability in Mechanical and Plant Engineering

Standards such as OPC UA and umati are becoming increasingly important in the context of interoperability for the standardized integration of business processes in mechanical and plant engineering. Why do we need international standards and how can SEEBURGER solutions support digitization in mechanical and plant engineering? Find out here why standards-based interoperability between machines and […]

Internationale Eingangsrechnungsverarbeitung ohne Sprachbarrieren

International incoming invoice processing without language barriers

The European Day of Languages and electronic invoice processing of international incoming invoices unite and promote multilingualism and thus the international activities of companies. In a guest article by TCG Process GmbH, author Marcus Kern presents a communication solution for international incoming invoice processing. Electronic invoice processing – what the European Day of Languages and […]

6 iPaaS Vorteile, die Sie berücksichtigen sollten

6 iPaaS Benefits You Should Consider

Having already discussed the basics of the Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) in our blog ‘What is iPaaS’, we will now take a closer look at 6 iPaaS benefits. iPaaS Benefit 1: Cost Savings Many companies try to combine SaaS solutions in a versatile way to optimize existing business processes and open up new […]

3 Gründe für eine HIP zur Verbindung mit Logistikplattformen

Tradelens, Project 44, CargoSmart and Infor Nexus

3 reasons why you should use a HIP to connect to Logistics Platforms. Need to connect to a new supply chain platform such as Tradelens, Project44, CargoSmart or Infor Nexus? Don’t just use APIs – use APIs on a Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP). Here’s 3 reasons why. The logistics industry is both a highly competitive […]

Montagesteuerung mit dem Manufacturing Integration Bus

Assembly Control with the Manufacturing Integration Bus

How can robots and other automated components of a plant be efficiently controlled in a heterogeneous IT environment – especially when customized products are manufactured and no two assembly processes are alike? A Manufacturing Integration Bus based on the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite can be used for this purpose. Efficiently controlling robots and other automated […]