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NHS Mandate for e-Procurement Strategy

Right now the UK’s NHS (National Health Service) has more immediate concerns than eProcurement mandates. The work that their staff (and many retired staff) are undertaking to help combat the Corona pandemic is nothing short of amazing. SEEBURGER would like to place on record our recognition for all of the medical and support staff across the world who are risking their lives for us right now. To those we thank you sincerely.


What is IIoT and Industry 4.0?

In the (industrial) Internet of Things (I)IoT, production processes, supply chains, business processes, services and product life cycles all have to be designed with efficiency, adaptability and transparency, all whilst individual customer needs are taken into account. It is not without reason that we speak of a fourth (industrial) revolution in this context. What exactly is (I)IoT?


Italy: Fattura Electronica News 2020

The Fattura Electronica is an Italian XML based digital invoice format. It is transmitted and received via the Interchange System ‘Sistema di Interscambio’ (SdI). In this blog we discuss the latest news and regulatory changes in relation to Fattura Electronica.