SEEBURGER Benelux Digital Transformation Day 2018
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Digital Transformation Day in Hilversum, 24 May 2018

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50+ SEEBURGER customers, business partners and contacts meet at ‘The Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid’ in the Netherlands, for the SEEBURGER Benelux Digital Transformation Day 2018.

The modern location and the event theme, which is more than a buzzword, led to a lot of interesting discussions during and between the presentations. The 50 participants were representatives from different organizations ranging from retail, banks, government organizations, energy companies to logistic service providers. During the day a vision on digital transformation, the opportunities it offers and the impact it has on organizations was presented by representatives of the Management of SEEBURGER. Geld Service Nederland presented their business case which unquestionably also includes the strategic role of the SEEBURGER solution.

SEEBURGER’s solutions for your Digital Transformation

Going digital is not easy, especially when you are a large, leading organization in your domain with an IT environment heavily depending on legacy systems. There are often application and infrastructure challenges, like your systems and applications are band-aided together and guarantee business silos, compliance and regulatory concerns abound, outdated functionality limits innovation and growth, data security & compliance, etc. And file transfer is still a challenge!

SEEBURGER showed how it enables organizations to integrate traditional B2B/EDI flows, Managed File Transfer needs and API Management functionality based on one single platform, the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) operational in on-premises and Cloud.

According to Gartner, APIs and API Management complement, rather than replace, traditional B2B technologies such as EDI and MFT. Application leaders should leverage their legacy B2B skills while taking advantage of new API capabilities to optimize their business ecosystem for digital business.

Source: Gartner | Title:  Master B2B Ecosystem Integration With a Blended EDI and API Approach | Published: 14 September 2017 ID: G00335550 |

Geldservice Nederland success story

Edgar Polak of Geldservice Nederland (GSN) presented an interesting view on the changing needs for cash in our society, and how a company like GSN is on top of transformation and innovation to adapt their business processes and services quickly, following the changing market needs.

The core business of GSN is cash and ATM device management services for the three largest Dutch banks. As the usage of cash is decreasing GSN is continuously increasing and optimizing the services provided to the banks. GSN started as a company by and for the banks from ‘Count money together’ to the ‘Managed cash cycle’ developing into the 3rd wave with GSN ‘White labelled Cash Points’.

GSN is using the SEEBURGER Business Integration Solution to process all information from the ATM’s and the communication with the Banks, Cash logistics and ATM maintenance partners.



“SEEBURGER BIS is processing our high volumes touching 5 million events per day. The SEEBURGER Integration platform supports our growing information integration demands we get in the 3rd wave of our organizations development with the introduction of ‘White labelled Cash Points’ replacing the bank individual ATM landscape.” Edgar Polak, Head of Information Services, GSN

Next step

After a practical afternoon workshop, and a lot of networking interactions between all the participants during the day and during the drinks in the afternoon, all of us returned home with lots of new ideas, inspired to define the next steps in everybody’s digital journey.

We want to thank all the attendees for their contribution in making the SEEBURGER Benelux Digital Transformation Day such a success!

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Albert Weessies

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As Managing Director at SEEBURGER Benelux, Albert ensures, together with a team of close to 40 local SEEBURGER experts, that our customers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg are getting the assistance and support they need to solve their integration challenges and accelerate their business. He brings more than 30 years of integration experience to SEEBURGER. Prior joining SEEBURGER in 2005, Albert spent his career in sales management and consulting at other technology companies. Albert lives in Rotterdam.