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The Roadtrip to Digital Transformation

| | Senior Vice President, Strategic Product Management and Analyst Relations

The SEEBURGER Digital Roadshow reached Minneapolis June 13th where customers and business partners gathered in a relaxed environment, to discuss technology requirements for digital business initiatives, look at new SEEBURGER business integration functionality and network with industry peers.

During the event there were interesting presentations, discussions and interactions, including;

  • Case studies from the finance and insurance industry related to IT and business application consolidation and modernization
  • Solution presentations and demonstrations, focusing on how to enable digital services, and at the same time pro-actively track critical business information across internal and external channels

A few interesting areas and topics of discussion, including;

  • What do you need from a technology point of view to manage both file based data transfer and transactional data streams
  • How to become cloud ready, and how an agile business integration platform can help simplify your infrastructure to prepare for a move to the cloud
  • How you can ensure that your business achieves the right level of operational intelligence

The event clarified that Integration is key to today´s digital economy enabling applications, data sources, services, devices and business entities to connect and communicate with each other

SEEBURGER offers a unified and agile platform for hybrid integration, including solutions for B2B/EDI, ERP and Application Integration, MFT, and the API-led integration capabilities introduced over the last couple of years have simplified its use for digital business initiatives.

Combing the above mentioned core business and technical functionality, together with SEEBURGER Cloud Services for Line of Business, Integration Services and Digital Ecosystems, this  blended approach to business integration will help you and your customers and business partners with the best and agile solution; on-premises, hybrid or in the cloud.

SEEBURGER can be your partner in the journey to digital transformation, learn more:

We want to thank all the participants and the speakers in making this a successful event.

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Ulf Persson

Written by:

As SVP, Strategic Product Management and Analyst Relations, Ulf is responsible for strategic product management, product marketing, global analyst relations and leadership with regards to SEEBURGER integration technology, platform and integration services. This also includes strategic sales and marketing initiatives. Ulf works across multiple industry verticals such as Financial Services/Payments, Automotive, Logistics, Utilities, Retail, CPG and Manufacturing. Ulf has more than 30 years of global business and technology experience working with product and solution delivery of integration technologies (EAI, EDI, B2B, MFT, API, etc.), Analytics and Big Data, Cloud Services, Digital Transformation and various industry initiatives. Before joining SEEBURGER in October 2016, Ulf worked in various global leadership roles with international business integration technology and cloud services providers.