SEEBURGER BIS 6.7 and the Digital Shift
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SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite 6.7 enables the Digital Shift

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SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite 6.7 enables the Digital ShiftThe Digital Change is bringing an abundancy of new integration challenges to companies in every industry. SEEBURGER´s approach has always been different: Single, agile and scalable platform – single code-base – all from one hand. SEEBURGER is proud to announce BIS 6.7 as our upcoming new Major Release.

Integration and Digital Change = SEEBURGER BIS 6.7

Integration is the driving force behind digital business transformation. To ensure that secure and reliable information can flow throughout your business networks, seamless integration of all your systems, applications, business partners and cloud services is crucial.

No application can exist on its own. Enterprises must seamlessly integrate their applications and business solutions (on prem or in the cloud) in order to break down silos and encourage data sharing and innovation for their customers and business partners. This also requires a change in culture, where IT and business needs to be aligned and work together. Therefore integration is the key to success.

Working with our customers and business partners, and in parallel being involved in various industry initiatives, SEEBURGER started to offer its platform and solution for digital business transformation several years ago, that has since lead to our next milestone for the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite.

To support the digital shift, including bridging gaps in technology, processes and people, SEEBURGER is proud to announce a new Major Release of the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS), version 6.7.

SEEBURGER BIS 6.7 – The Five Elements for the Digital Shift

SEEBURGER BIS 6.7 – The Five Elements for the Digital Shift
With BIS 6.7, the platform is now even more scalable, secure, adaptive, agile and easier to use.

Highlights of this release:

SEEBURGER BIS 6.7 App Framework – based on a micro service architecture – allows users of any type (IT, line-of-business, administrator) a role-based access with a modern user interface. This is provided in form of specific Apps which each are a collection of loosely coupled services and implementations of specific business capabilities, for example the new Business Navigator App with views for Business and IT. It will also support faster and agile application creation for new SEEBURGER standard Apps, accessing all of BIS vast capabilities.

Additionally, BIS 6.7 has enhanced adaptability features for digitalization, for example improved API integration and management capabilities, IoT integration following industry standards and support for integration / data ingestion with Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).

BIS 6.7 will help reducing your operational cost and lower the TCO, by providing smarter functionality for easier installation, change management, auto-deployment, secure data storage and pro-active business and technical monitoring.

With the release of SEEBURGER BIS 6.7 we have switched from JBOSS to Karaf, resulting in an adaptive platform with new possibilities created by technology. Security, compliance and reliability are at the paramount of this release and SEEBURGER BIS 6.7 utilizes a vendor neutral OSGi compliant framework.

With this major technology improvement, our customers can focus on providing value to their business and customers with our Business Integration Suite, instead of worrying about the underlying technology.

BIS 6.7 allows for agile and scalable deployment options, and can power any cloud, public or private, including utilizing public cloud services, when and if so needed.

To conclude, with SEEBURGER BIS 6.7 you have a single, scalable and agile best in class business integration platform providing you with a blended approach to integration, including support for B2B/EDI, MFT, E-Invoicing, IoT, API and EAI business use cases and relevant hybrid integration platform capabilities; on-premises, in a hybrid setup and 100% in the cloud.

Find out how SEEBURGER can help your organization digitalize and modernize with BIS 6.7. For more details and introduction to all new functionality within BIS 6.7, see this link.

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Ulf Persson | SVP, Global Business Development

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Ulf Persson, SVP, Global Business Development is responsible for thought leadership, global business development, partner programs, product and solution management, marketing and lead generation related to SEEBURGER’s business integration technology and solutions for various global industries such as Financial Services, Utilities, Healthcare and more. Ulf has more than 25 years of global business and technology experience working with product and solution delivery of enterprise application integration, EDI, B2B, MFT, API, Analytics and Big Data, Mobile, Digital Transformation and industry specific technology initiatives, both on-premise and in the cloud. Ulf has been with SEEBURGER since October 2016, and prior to this with international business integration technology providers working in various global leadership roles.