This situation is all too common for many midsize companies: Your newly acquired customer needs an introduction to digital business processes, ranging from the electronic invoice delivery (e-voicing) to the establishment of electronic data interchange (EDI) for all supply chain processes. But this doesn’t have to be a problem: If you have decided to outsource your electronic data interchange (EDI), you can benefit from quick and easy access to any number of business partners – and with simple scalability for the desired data volume.

This article explains why seamless integration of business processes with your customers, suppliers and other partners is so important, and how you can use the services of a professional EDI/B2B Cloud Services provider in the best possible way for yourself.

Why business integration belongs in the hands of professionals

SMEs need to prove their agility in order to be successful in an increasingly competitive environment. Therefore, it is worthwhile that you can concentrate more on your own core business and leave other issues, like EDI, to a professional.
This is something you know well in your everyday life: For people who only occasionally need a car, taking a taxi or using a car-sharing service are much more attractive options than buying their own car.
This also applies to many SMEs for the topic EDI: The scope of use is often not very high, but new, additional requirements need to be implemented quickly and easily.
Implementing and operating your own EDI solution is, of course, a possibility, but the effort needed to build up the EDI connections and care for them constantly is often enormous.
SMEs in particular shy away from this costly and time-consuming work – and for good reason, as it is usually better off in the hands of professionals.

A professional EDI/B2B Cloud Services provider can ensure smooth process integration at a fraction of the cost of an in-house solution, and you can enjoy many benefits in just a short time. Even if it is something simple like process workflows, reduced error rates, or a faster response time – both you and your business partner will instantly feel the positive effect on your daily work.

You can immediately benefit from EDI-based business processes: Can you imagine how many resources you could save if important documents and information, such as delivery notes or invoices. which needed to be manually edited and exchanged, were automatically fed to the right place in your system without you or your employees? By eliminating manual processing steps through automation you also decrease the likelihood of human errors, which therefore leads to greater efficiency and effectiveness – both of which are essential factors to permanently reducing costs.

Sit back and relax instead of stressing out

The faster business integration works, the sooner everyone can benefit from the opportunities of electronic data interchange. In order to take advantage of all that EDI/B2B Cloud Services has to offer, the parties involved need to clarify and coordinate the technical conditions. And nobody can do this better than experts, who work on just that. If you want to hire such specialists yourself, you will have to deal with immense labor costs – after all, you should expect your electronic data interchange to work 24/7. (Link to Blog Post 8).
However, if you use services from an external EDI service provider, in addition to the technical infrastructure, you will also get the same expertise necessary delivered in the form of a transparent service package of EDI/B2B Cloud Services. In this way, even a large number of partners and customers can be integrated smoothly, and while your EDI provider assumes the permanent supervision of electronic data interchange, you are free to concentrate on your core business!

With professional EDI and seamless business integration neither borders nor unexpected after hours events can interfere with smooth cooperation with your business partners.

How you can benefit from optimum scalability in data volume

Another advantage: With a reputable partner on your side, you only need to pay for a service when you actually use it. Did you note that you will need less traffic than originally planned? No problem, your service contract can always easily adapt! What is more likely, is that you will want to enlarge your original volume after some time, because professional electronic data interchange also improves your competitiveness: Your partners and customers feel professionally cared for from start to finish and your reputation as a reliable business partner increases. After all, who does not like to work with a company that can guarantee communication around the clock?

Straightforward, simple, reliable

All that you need in order to benefit from the advantages that professional EDI/B2B Cloud Services can provide is an appropriate service provider who offers the necessary IT infrastructure. Then you can not only immediately benefit from unobstructed electronic data interchange, but also rely on a professional business integration – namely individually matched to the technical capacity and the needs of each business partner. It works world-wide, because professional service providers offer their support services in different languages, new business partners can easily be integrated at any time, regardless of time zones and national borders.
This will also facilitate expansion abroad, as a business partner, once connected with you through the cloud, does not need to relocate. The necessary country-specific adjustments are handled professionally for you by your EDI/B2B Cloud Services provider. Thus, EDI is not an obstacle in international expansion, but a simplification which allows scalability of data volume and, in addition, company scalability in terms of growth.

So forget about the times when you or your employees had to edit documents or delivery notes and invoices manually. You can count that, and the associated resources required, as something you can now use elsewhere. So both you and your business partners can peacefully concentrate on what is really important: your core business.

Do you want to unlock the future of your business with professional electronic data interchange? Then you will find our free e-book, in which we have explained the 5 principles of successful EDI in detail.