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Innovation for the Digital Shift using the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) 6.7, now General Availability

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BIS 6.7The Digital Change is challenging for companies in every industry. Existing usage of older technologies have to co-exist with introduction of new technologies, such as AI, Blockchain and various digital initiatives through APIs and others. There are also a lot of new legislations and business requirements that must be considered.

Five Elements enabling the Digital Shift

Innovation and improved customer experience are typically drivers for digital business transformation, however at the same time you need to support and manage the “old”.

During the Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit this past May in London, collaborating with analysts and industry peers from industries such as financial services, manufacturing, automotive and others, we had many business and technical discussions with enterprises that have challenges choosing a global integration technology partner and the right approach to help secure, enable and implement its digital strategy.

There are at least five critical business areas to focus on and consider in today’s digital era, if you want to get it right;

  1. User experience … it has to be easy, for everyone, everywhere, every time!
  2. Integration Capabilities … integration is THE ENABLER for digital business transformation.
  3. Technology improvements … it has to be scalable, secure, adaptive and even more agile.
  4. Operations … The ability to do more with less, and at the same time support “old” and “new”.
  5. Deployment models … I want to deploy it anywhere, securely!

Where and how to you start improving your digital journey, other than choosing and using technology, what do you need to do to be successful?

An innovative business integration platform approach helps you to enable success

SEEBURGER started to offer its platform and solution for digital business transformation several years ago, that has since lead to our next milestone for the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS). To support digital transformation, including bridging gaps in technology, processes, ecosystems and people, SEEBURGER is proud to announce a new Major Release of the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS), version 6.7.

With the release of BIS 6.7, SEEBURGER continues to deliver a single, agile and scalable best in class business integration platform, with focus on:

  • enhancing the user experience
  • expanding integration capabilities in a secure, scalable and agile way
  • providing our customers a platform based on up-to-date software technology
  • offering integration best practices, functionality and tools to be able to operate in a cost efficient way
  • providing flexible deployment models, including powering any cloud

This will enable existing and new customers to choose from all integration patterns and to combine and mix them freely. API based integration and API Management is an important part of it and our unique ability to combine it with the other integration patterns is our key differentiator.

Highlights of the BIS 6.7 release

With this exciting release comes new features that can help drive, enable and innovate digital transformation for various industries, such as payments modernization for financial institutions and banks, improved and standardized e-Invoicing and procurement processing, and improved supply chain processes driving the smart enterprise.

BIS 6.7’s new features will help modernize, innovate and simplify business interactions across various industries and ecosystems. Highlights of this release are;

  • Improvement of usability – BIS 6.7 introduces enhanced user experience. New user interfaces offer separate views for different user roles, from integration experts to business users.
  • Expansion of the integration capabilities in a secure, scalable and agile way – whether on-premises or in the cloud, digital change continuously poses new integration requirements, and BIS 6.7 introduces enhanced API management and a set of new integration adapters to address the market needs.
  • An integration platform equipped for the future on the basis of state-of-the-art software technology – BIS 6.7 sets new standards in terms of performance and operating efficiency with a new OSGI-compliant framework, ensuring the future viability of the SEEBURGER platform. This investment in the future is strengthened by a Java runtime environment provided by SEEBURGER, which increases both the operational efficiency and the cloud compatibility of its integration platform.
  • Cost efficiency in operation – With BIS 6.7, all routine operational procedures can now be automated, which saves time, reduces effort and increases process reliability. New monitoring simplifies system control. New API interfaces enable integration into the user´s own familiar environment. The support of the open source database PostgreSQL as a system database is another innovation.
  • Flexible operating models – with BIS 6.7 customers have a free choice and can determine their optimum operating model, including on-premises, hybrid, the SEEBURGER cloud or the public cloud. SEEBURGER offers various service options from iPaaS to full service.


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Ulf Persson | SVP, Global Business Development

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As SVP, Global Analyst Relations and Business Development, Ulf is responsible for global analyst relations and strategic business development, including strategic sales and marketing strategies, technology and market initiatives, and leadership related to SEEBURGER Integration (technology, platform, solutions, cloud integration services, etc.). Ulf works across multiple industry verticals such as Financial Services, Automotive, Logistics, Utilities, Retail, CPG and Manufacturing. Ulf has more than 30 years of global business and technology experience working with product and solution delivery of integration technologies (EAI, EDI, B2B, MFT, API, etc.), Analytics and Big Data, Mobile, Cloud Services, Digital Transformation and various industry initiatives. Before joining SEEBURGER in October 2016, Ulf worked in various global leadership roles with international business integration technology and cloud services providers.