Guide for Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing Industry
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Digitalization in the Manufacturing Industry

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Digitalization in the Manufacturing IndustryManufacturing companies are faced with the challenge of digital change within their value chain. They continuously need to optimize processes, add flexibility and implement innovative business models. Along with its challenges digital change offers tremendous opportunities as well, by forging closer customer relations and improving internal communications. But at the end of the day the main focus is and always will be cost reduction and increasing sales through new products and business models.

Digital change sparks innovations, this can be seen in all business department. Breakthrough improvements range from electronic procurement to production automation and include digital add-ins like logistic tracking, E-commerce, electronic order and payment processing, digital services or mobile interaction with customers.

Integrate the tiers of your Value Chain
The prerequisite for the digitalization of your value chain is to provide data to the right people, at the right place and at the right time.
Digitalization of your Entire Value Chain

Previously, IT was primarily focused on fulfilling the functional requirements of the company’s business units as best as they could. Having interconnected business units has become extremely critical; therefore, IT solutions that can connect all key business units and processes seamlessly are high in demand.

The Treasure of Data
So to make sound judgments, your staff needs all-inclusive data. For example, the person(s) in charge of an assembly of upcoming production orders with associated information via Sales, Customer Service or Quality Management needs transparency. In order to move forward with confidence access to all this data is needed. Digital data provided in real-time forms the basis for timely, well-founded and targeted management. Up-to-date data is your company’s treasure chest and a necessity that should to be at your staff’s fingertips. At the same time your valuable data deserves special protection and a controlled access. The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite seamlessly connects business units, business partners and business processes. It delivers product information management (PIM) data in real-time to be displayed where it is needed – whether on a mobile device web browser or file manager. Additionally, our integration platform will answer customized data requests from different systems for your key players.

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Anders Thomsen

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Anders Thomsen, Marketing Manager for SEEBURGER Nordic Regions. Anders has been working as Marketing Manager for different companies in the Nordic IT Industry and for the last six years been working with SEEBURGER Nordics.