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SEEBURGER Newsletter: Integration – Key to Digital Success

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Integration is the driving force behind digital transformation. Enterprises must be able to link all their applications and data, with customers and business partners, to ensure information can flow freely throughout their business networks. Only then can they leverage the tremendous power of analytics, not to mention take advantage of the digital transformation. This means no application can exist on its own. Enterprises must find ways to provide links between their own applications and business solutions in order to break down silos and encourage data sharing and innovation for their customers and business partners.

Integration is the key of today’s digital economy enabling applications, data sources, services, devices and business entities to connect and communicate with each other play an important role.

SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite is a unified and agile platform for hybrid integration. Including solutions for B2B/EDI, ERP and Application Integration, MFT, and the API-led integration capabilities introduced over the last couple of years have simplified its use for digital business initiatives.

SEEBURGER’s blended approach
Between B2B, Managed File Transfer (MFT), API and Legacy systems – on-premises, hybrid or in the cloud, has been very successful and in-line with recommendations from analysts like Gartner.

SEEBURGER Newsletter including Customer Stories
This has been communicated and demonstrated in the SEEBURGER events during the year. We have created a newsletter where we have gathered summaries from customer presentations from different industries and regions, information about e-invoicing and Legacy Modernization – a big topic of the modern day.

  • ForFarmers – The On-Premise Business Integration Suite Solution Provides Full Flexibility for EDI, Enterprise Application Integration and API Integration.
  • GSN – Geldservice Nederland Success Story
  • UECC – Fast Implementation & Migration to SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite Supports United European Car Carriers Urgent Need to Replace Existing Platform
  • VSP Global Selects SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite to Modernize and Digitalize

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Anders Thomsen

Written by:

Anders Thomsen, Marketing Manager for SEEBURGER Nordic Regions. Anders has been working as Marketing Manager for different companies in the Nordic IT Industry and for the last six years been working with SEEBURGER Nordics.