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SEEBURGER News: Experience and Stories from the Nordic Region

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Many companies in the Nordics are adopting to the new reality and digital transformation projects happens everywhere. Digital transformation Initiatives is getting the money and resources for innovative projects that will simplify life for businesses and people.

SEEBURGER is today working with customers and business partners, proving best practices and technology for many of these projects, as the digital shift typically need a high-performant, agile and secure business integration technology to help enable your digital strategy.

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In this newsletter you will find interesting articles from Radar Ecosystem, a Nordic IT analyst, SEB and HiQ, all with the digital transformation as key focus. The articles are based on presentations done at the SEEBURGER Nordic Client Days event, held in Stockholm earlier in 2017.

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Anders Thomsen

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Anders Thomsen, Marketing Manager for SEEBURGER Nordic Regions. Anders has been working as Marketing Manager for different companies in the Nordic IT Industry and for the last six years been working with SEEBURGER Nordics.