Oil and Gas Industry Event Recap: PIDX 2020 Fall Conference
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PIDX International 2020 Fall Conference: Digital Transformation in Oil and Gas

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As COVID-19 shifts the world toward contactless and touch-free transactions, many organizations in the oil and gas industry have had to fast track their digital transformation in order to compete. In fact, 77% of energy companies say the pandemic has sped up their digital transformation.[1]

According to Deloitte, “We expect that the companies that emerge stronger from the crisis are those that innovate through it, using the current crisis as an opportunity to digitally transform their company.”[2] Digital transformation in oil and gas overall has been slow to take hold, mostly due to common issues such as IT complexity, data in silos, legacy EDI and more. Since the pandemic, many oil, gas and energy companies are putting digital projects on the fast track. This PIDX event, which took place on October 21-22, focused on pragmatic approaches to cloud, touchless transactions, cost-cutting and digital transformation.

Topics and Takeaways from PIDX International 2020 Fall Conference

  • Cost and efficiency have never been as important to the industry as they are today.
  • Operators and suppliers need information insight in order to drive efficiency.
  • Touchless transactions are the new normal, and e-invoicing has become a priority.
  • Reducing carbon emissions with a gradual, methodical approach includes capturing and sharing emissions data. PIDX is playing a critical role in solving challenges to accomplish this industry-wide.
  • Technology is helping companies automate in order to reduce risk, streamline logistics and cut costs in terminals, plants and warehouses.
  • The Open Group is an open footprint forum that develops open, vendor-neutral technology standards and certifications in the industry. Opengroup.org

SEEBURGER was a sponsor of the event. Our VP, Professional Services and Architecture, Rakesh Kukkamalla was able to present “Using Technology to Improve Efficiency While Cutting Costs in a Contactless Economy,” to PIDX attendees. Rakesh explained how, with our hybrid integration platform, SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS), we are driving digital transformation in oil and gas companies with a scalable, agile, modular platform for suppliers, customers, partners, brokers, logistics and field services.

Oil and Gas Industry – Digital Interactions

Oil and Gas Industry – Digital Interactions

SEEBURGER offers innovative solutions for long-standing problems like complex, time-intensive onboarding practices, costly migrations, inability to connect to cloud applications, and more to help you:

  • Speed up onboarding
  • Reduce costs through consolidation
  • Utilize and integrate through APIs
  • Benefit from process automation
  • Manage your business community and ecosystem

Learn more.

The Petroleum Industry Data Exchange organization (PIDX) provides a global forum for delivering the process, information and technology standards that allow seamless, efficient electronic business within the oil and natural gas industry and its trading community. It is a global, open standards organization that welcomes new members interested in its aims. pidx.org

[1] A case of acute disruption: Digital transformation through the lens of COVID-19,” www2.deloitte.com, Dr. Gerald C. Kane, Jonathan Capulsky, Anh Nguyen Philips, Rich Nanda, August 6, 2020.

[2] COVID-19 shatters myths about companies and their digital transformation: Introducing the Twilio COVID-19 Digital Engagement Report,” twilio.com, Glenn Weinstein, 2020.

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