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6 iPaaS Vorteile, die Sie berücksichtigen sollten

6 iPaaS Benefits You Should Consider

Having already discussed the basics of the Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) in our blog ‘What is iPaaS’, we will now take a closer look at 6 iPaaS benefits. iPaaS Benefit 1: Cost Savings Many companies try to combine SaaS solutions in a versatile way to optimize existing business processes and open up new […]

iPaaS: Multi-Client Capability and Scalability

iPaaS: Multi-Client Capability and Scalability

With iPaaS, Multi-client capability and scalability open up opportunities for cost savings and improvements in the quality and security of your IT processes. In this part of our blog series, you’ll discover when a system is multi-tenant and how a hybrid integration platform can protect your investments. You’ll also read about the advantages of an […]


Blog Series: 5 reasons iPaaS should be the heart of your cloud strategy

While digitalization is fuelled by cloud computing, there are challenges to public cloud migrations that hinder progress. The Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) approach helps companies navigate the options and connect the on-premises and public cloud worlds to benefit the organization. In a six-part blog series, you will learn why integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) […]

SOC Certified

SEEBURGER Cloud Services maintain the highest quality standards with renewed ISO 27001 certification and ISAE 3402 audit

Certification for cloud services As a pioneer in the Cloud Services industry, SEEBURGER AG offers more than 30 different cloud services for various industries and use cases. Customer confidence is paramount in this industry, and independent third-party certification provides validation of quality standards. The annual ISO 27001 certification and the new ISAE 3402 audit demand […]


Ovum lists SEEBURGER as a leading provider of managed services

In the fast-growing market, Ovum identifies only a few providers with genuine core competencies in B2B integration and managed services. SEEBURGER AG, a leading global provider of standardised industry-specific solutions for the digitisation of business processes, did convince. Growing demand for B2B integration managed services Providers of managed services have been the focus of the […]