Daniel Becker

About Daniel Becker

Daniel Becker is Head of Cloud DevOps at SEEBURGER. He has 12 years of experience in the areas of B2B Integration, Development and Operation of Web and Cloud Applications. He is responsible for the fusion of product management, architecture, software development, QA, IT operations and information security in order to ensure the ideal provision of SEEBURGER Cloud Services. Daniel Becker has been working at SEEBURGER since 2006.

Building and maintaining digital business relations – with B2B Management Cloud Services by SEEBURGER

The digitalization of business processes is a topical issue – with good reason. Processes, which used to take days, can now be accelerated to completion within seconds with today’s IT capability. This is particularly true for cross-company processes - however your business partners WILL have to cooperate. Anyone who has been forced to notify their [...]

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