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Building and maintaining digital business relations – with B2B Management Cloud Services by SEEBURGER

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The digitalization of business processes is a topical issue – with good reason. Processes, which used to take days, can now be accelerated to completion within seconds with today’s IT capability. This is particularly true for cross-company processes – however your business partners WILL have to cooperate. Anyone who has been forced to notify their acquaintances of a new email address, knows how slow such a change can take.

Digital relations always consist of two components: first, there is technology which needs to be mastered. An address and a phone number are no longer sufficient. For each business partner, complex information like communication protocols and message format(s) are needed. A large number of variants must be supported, in the worst case scenario a different one for each partner.

The second component is the organization of the network. Other than a postal address, digital communication types are subject to constant change. How do you acquire information from your partners in time? Conversely, how do you notify partners about your own changes? How are the changes implemented without interrupting the business process?

B2B Management Cloud Services by SEEBURGER

The B2B Management Services in the SEEBURGER Cloud provide a comprehensive platform for the maintenance of digital business relations. Instead of integrating each partner system individually, companies set up just one technical connection to the SEEBURGER Cloud. The technological requirements are thus reduced to a minimum. For the organization of the network, different services provided in a web portal can be utilized:

  • The B2B Directory is a central directory, where companies can publish and maintain their technical integration data. Users can search for their business partners and establish a connection with just a few clicks without the need for in-depth technical knowledge.
  • Users can easily migrate existing business relations to the SEEBURGER Cloud. The B2B Onboarding Service handles the communication with partners and ensures smooth integration.
  • With the help of the Community Survey, partner information can be systematically retrieved and changes communicated. Users are empowered to create surveys with their own corporate identity.
  • As part of the Managed Trading Partner Services, more complex partner onboarding can be delegated to the SEEBURGER team of experts.

The entire life cycle of digital business relations is thus covered by the SEEBURGER Cloud. Individual services can be combined as needed.

Learn how you can digitalize and maintain your business relations with the B2B Management Cloud Services. You can find detailed descriptions of our Cloud Services on the SEEBURGER Cloud website.

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Daniel Becker

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Daniel Becker is Head of Cloud DevOps at SEEBURGER. He has 12 years of experience in the areas of B2B Integration, Development and Operation of Web and Cloud Applications. He is responsible for the fusion of product management, architecture, software development, QA, IT operations and information security in order to ensure the ideal provision of SEEBURGER Cloud Services. Daniel Becker has been working at SEEBURGER since 2006.