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The Importance of APIs in Digital Transformation


The ability to network in real-time systems, applications, and cloud services makes a company more agile, innovative and faster overall. API solutions are the key!

Digital transformation is becoming increasingly visible in more and more sectors. New providers with often exclusively digital business models are challenging the established companies. The digital change must be seen as an opportunity. By providing supplementary digital services to a company’s own products, differentiation from the digital startup competitors can often be successful. However, established companies cannot simply design and implement new digital services or even business models in isolation from existing IT solutions.

Here, APIs and/or an API solution can provide crucial help to the company and thus serve as a pioneer of digital change. If companies wish to digitise their existing business processes or even want to design and implement new digital business models, the existing IT infrastructure must also be integrated.

Many existing IT applications, however, are not prepared for opening up to the digital world:

API solutions now integrate existing applications via their partly proprietary interfaces and open them via uniform, external API interfaces.

The intermediate layer of such an API solution simultaneously secures IT applications, ensuring the necessary data security and compliance (traceability).

Another challenge is the rapid introduction of new digital applications and services (cloud services, mobile apps, etc.). These modern solutions usually already have API interfaces that need to be integrated and API provides the solutions.

As the number of internal and external APIs and their use increases, the need to efficiently manage the APIs and their complete “life cycle” also increases. This is achieved with the API management module of an API solution.

API enabled applications
API enabled applications

API solutions are therefore enabler of digital transformation and make a company more agile, innovative and faster overall.

To do this, SEEBURGER customers can easily use the API management solution in the Business Integration Suite.

If you would like to learn more about this, please contact us or use our brochure on API management with the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite to get an overview of the benefits, application areas and specific applications.

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