BIS 6.7 adds support for PostgreSQL database versions 10 and 11
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Reduce Database Cost with BIS 6.7 and PostgreSQL

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BIS 6.7 and PostgreSQLSEEBURGER Business Integration Suite 6.7 supports the use of the PostgreSQL database versions 10 and 11. This is a viable alternative to Oracle and Microsoft for the system database that BIS requires.

BIS 6.7 and PostgreSQL Provide New Options

SEEBURGER BIS 6 requires a system database for storing system state, master data and transaction meta data (and in-line payloads in some cases). The latest release of SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite is version 6.7, adds PostgreSQL support. Always check the latest release notes as due to technical progress supported version may change.

PostgreSQL, also known as Postgres, is a popular open-source Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). PostgreSQL has several native interfaces available and is widely supported by programming language libraries. SEEBURGER BIS ships with a tested open-source pgjdbc driver, which can connect via TCP to all compatible PostgreSQL servers.

With PostgreSQL being an open-source database it provides the customer the choice between a cost free community version or a commercially supported version of the database. This makes it an attractive alternative, which can reduce cost of operation.

However BIS is not shipped with an embedded PostfreSQL or any other provider’s database. The system database has to be selected and provided by the customer. The database support needs to come from external partners or the respective vendor. In terms of maintenance and support, there are billable services for PostgreSQL available. Working with an external partner or cloud provider with in-depth database knowledge makes good sense.

Besides the known on-premises and SEEBURGER Cloud deployment options, this new database option allows hybrid integration scenarios using SEEBURGER BIS in public clouds, which include for instance a connection to:

BIS continues to support the proven Oracle and Microsoft databases as outlined in the release notes.

Business integration capability is typically a mission critical asset that is deeply rooted in the business processes, which in turn interact with trading partners. Whichever database is utilized, they all require in-depth knowledge for setup and operation at optimal performance and stability. The larger and more mission critical your setup us is, the tighter control and higher availability measures make sense.

There are plenty of comparisons of these competing database offerings mentioned above. The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite 6.7 gives you a lot of choice, and at the same time provides the flexibility in deployment models that best match your hybrid integration use case(s).

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