Protecting Your Intellectual Property (IP) in Product Development
MFT – Managed File Transfer

Product Development – Protecting Your Intellectual Property (IP)

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Product-DevelopmentTurn to any respected body for guidance on how to protect what’s rightfully yours, and the chances are the advice will all be about post-development, e.g. trademarks, copyrights and patents. These are all essential for protecting your finalised intellectual property (IP), but very little advice is offered for the protection of the data that’s exchanged digitally during the development phase – this is competitively advantageous IP in the making.


According to a recent report by the respected legal advice provider UpCounsel, “…the most prevalent method for physically removing data was removable media. Before 2005, writable CDs were the top type of media used in these crimes. In the modern era, devices such as removable USB drives and portable external hard disks are larger threats. These devices hold much more data than CDs, allowing thieves to steal an entire data set at once.”

Exchange data securely – without the risk of IP leakage

Physical media drives and USB / SATA ports etc. can be easily disabled on modern hardware to help mitigate against such data theft. However, ‘freemium’ file sharing services such as DropBox and Hightail etc. have become systemic, negating the need for physical media to potentially ‘lift & shift’ data. The challenge is in providing the vast majority of product developers who are bona fide with the capability to exchange data securely with their counterparts, without the risk of IP leakage.

The solution is to empower employees and their development partners with a piece of centrally governed technology called Managed File Transfer (MFT). This enables human-oriented data to be exchanged securely by offloading it from the e-mail server, and also system-oriented data to be exchanged by way of a modern secure protocol that isn’t 40+ years old and fraught with restrictions/problems.

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