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Make Purchase-to-Pay more productive with SEEBURGER Apps based on SAP Fiori

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Purchase-to-PaySAP Fiori enables device independence and thus sets the scene for „Enterprise Mobility”. SEEBURGER Apps use the SAP Fiori framework to innovate in the invoice receipt process. Mobile solutions promise process improvements, efficiency increases and cost reductions.

Successful mobility strategies

With SAP Fiori, which was introduced for the first time together with the ECC-ERP technology successor S/4HANA, SAP has opened a new chapter in the usability/user interface (UI) area of business software – both for use at the workplace on desktops in companies and as the basis of enterprise mobility on mobile devices. SAP itself currently offers more than 300 apps for a wide variety of purposes. Since SAP continues to extend the scope of its offerings, this number is increasing accordingly. A successful mobility strategy is based on three central pillars: mobilized processes, a suitable infrastructure, and mobile applications. The strategy strives towards a fully mobile usable implementation of the Enterprise software.

SAP Fiori – Welcome to Tiles

SAP Fiori is designed to be device-independent and can therefore be used both on the desktop and on mobile devices. The presentation layer follows the principles of the so called Responsive Design and thus always automatically adapts to the device interface used. In addition, the central user interface (Fiori Launchpad) can be flexibly adapted to corporate branding and personalized entirely according to roles, tasks or individual requirements. Apps are displayed as tiles, and depending on the app, tiles show a preview. Other screen elements such as news tickers can also be integrated into the Launchpad. Fiori Apps are so-called Web Apps, i.e. they are not native applications specially developed for certain devices and functions, but basically apps that run in any browser with HTML5 support. In this way, SAP achieves device independence and overcomes the previous separation between mobile and desktop.

SEEBURGER Apps for SAP Fiori

The SEEBURGER Apps are just such Web Apps designed with existing functionalities in mind, however these are not to be seen as SAP transaction replacements. Each SEEBURGER app is designed for one task and one user group, e.g. invoice approval. This way, a task can be processed as simply as possible. All SEEBURGER apps focus on usability, simplicity and user experience. The tasks addressed by the SEEBURGER SAP Fiori Apps can include simple workflow confirmations, such as the verification of an invoice approval, but also complicated tasks such as the processing of quantities and price deviations of incoming invoices. As a rule, SEEBURGER Fiori Apps support individual, clearly defined process steps or activities of individual roles.

SEEBURGER’s SAP Fiori App interfaces are easy to understand and are particularly beneficial for users who rarely work with SAP. This means that more employees – especially employees without SAP knowledge – will be more motivated in working with SAP and will be involved in the approval and clarification process of an invoice. Additionally, the SEEBURGER Fiori Apps provide many detailed functions. Particularly for frequently used transactions, the handling is not only user-friendly, but also highly productive and goes far beyond simple approval or confirmation functions.

Purchase-to-Pay Process

The Purchase-to-Pay solution from SEEBURGER includes the SEEBURGER SAP Fiori Apps, e.g. for the approval of invoices. The entry point is the SEEBURGER Purchase-to-Pay Inbox for SAP Fiori, which provides general information on the invoice, comments on previous processing steps, processing options for the current task, an invoice screen, item data and attachments as well as subsequent workflow tasks. Below the main screen, the processing options are displayed in a taskbar – in different colors if desired.

Purchase-to-Pay Inbox
Invoice information in the SEEBURGER Purchase-to-Pay Inbox for SAP Fiori


The comments of all previous processing steps can be easily viewed or new comments can be added to the current step. The invoice image, e.g. a PDF file, can be displayed in a viewer or browser with a single click. In order to always have an overview of the entire process and the subsequent tasks, the open tasks and those responsible for their processing are listed and can be edited, provided the appropriate authorizations are granted.

Purchase-to-Pay Inbox
Follow-up tasks and responsibilities with the SEEBURGER Purchase-to-Pay Inbox for SAP Fiori


After all necessary checks, adjustments and approvals have been made, the invoice can be posted and paid.

Major benefits through a streamlined end-to-end process.

SEEBURGER APPs are drivers for innovation and efficiency: Processing invoice approval processes on a mobile phone may be ‘nice’ for the user – for the providing organization, however, mobility only becomes a success story when the complete purchase-to-pay process is mobilized ‘end-to-end’. This is the only way to actually reduce effort, time and costs. The SEEBURGER Fiori Apps can be used immediately after the basic installation and setup of the users. The openly created individual apps can also be adapted, extended or limited in their function to special needs and thus the respective business processes via the included Fiori Framework.

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Rolf Holicki, Director BU E-Invoicing, SAP&Web Process, is responsible for the SAP/WEB applications. He has more than 25 years of experience in e-invoicing, SAP, Workflow and business process automation. Rolf Holicki has been with SEEBURGER since 2005.