Italy’s postponing its archiving rules, but you still need to prepare.

Italy – New archiving rules postponed from June 2021 to January 2022

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Italy – New archiving rules postponed from June 2021 to January 2022

New Italian rules affecting the creation and archiving of electronic documents, most notably e-invoices, will be enforced from 1st January 2022. Originally these rules were planned to come into force on 7th June 2021. This article is an update to our blog post of 30 April 2020 which looks at the Italian system, Fattura PA & Fattura B2B, in more detail.

These new rules include a number of changes. A new set of structured, mandatory metadata (an XML file with its own schema) is being introduced, which impacts both the data needed to create an e-invoice and the metadata that needs to be stored with the e-invoices. This new, mandatory metadata stems from a law applying to all Italian electronic documents.

The pre-defined structure for maintaining the metadata can be found in Section 2 of Appendix 5 of the new Italian legislation (the XML schema is presented in Section 2.1).

To make this process easier for you, the Sovos archiving service, which is part of SEEBURGER’s e-invoicing services will automatically create the required metadata file whenever you archive an Italian invoice.

How else will SEEBURGER help?

SEEBURGER will soon be providing our customers who use the E-Invoicing Service for Italy with an updated version of the MDC archiving manual (Manuale della Conservazione).This contains the legislation which needs to be implemented by SEEBURGER customers storing invoices under Italian law. The MDC also includes details of the standard metadata SEEBURGER attributes to the e-invoices stored in Sovos eArchiving, part of the SEEBURGER E-Invoicing Service for Italy.

We recommend that end-users carefully analyze the standard values Sovos attributes to metadata on archiving plan, document classification, and confidentiality.

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