Increasing importance of hybrid integration for digital transformation
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Increasing importance of hybrid integration approaches

| | Chief Cloud Officer, SEEBURGER

SEEBURGER VorstandAs a pioneer in business process integration, SEEBURGER has developed the Business Integration Suite, a multifunctional HIP platform for digital transformation. It serves companies as a reliable, open, agile and transparent integration platform – on-premises or in the cloud.

Growing importance of digital communities

Companies increasingly operate within digital communities with which they work closely. The ability to network and exchange information with each other gives these communities a better understanding of their customers’ needs and problems and helps companies improve their customer service and enter new markets. However, the legacy systems currently used in companies are often no longer able to meet the requirements of today’s digital landscapes. Often these systems also map complex business processes, which makes their further development difficult and usually uneconomical. As a result, such legacy systems are rarely updated, hinder innovations or important new developments and also make data exchange between work groups more difficult.

Why flexible integration is becoming increasingly important

Instead of evolving legacy systems, companies are increasingly turning to specialized Cloud and SaaS solutions that provide them with the information they need to work better and respond faster to customer issues and business changes. These solutions are typically isolated applications that need to be integrated accordingly. In addition, the life cycle of business applications in general is accelerating; applications are changing more frequently than in the past. As a result, integration must become more flexible and agile. In addition, companies are implementing more and more applications. And whether they are purchased or developed in-house: Applications must always be integrated with other systems, data and processes – within the enterprise, in the cloud or with business partners.

Hybrid integration approaches as a solution

The demands on a modern hybrid integration platform are correspondingly high. It is necessary to cover the most diverse integration scenarios.

Hybrid integration
Scenarios basically supported by the Business Integration Suite

The choice of the right integration platform is decisive for the success of the integration and the efficiency of the digitization.

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Dr. Martin Kuntz

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Dr. Martin Kuntz has worked for SEEBURGER AG since 2000, and is a member of the Board of Directors since 2015. His strengths lie in the Cloud, business applications, and the digitalization of specialty and technical business processes. He has degrees in physics and business administration. Earlier, he worked for several years in the Simulation department of the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology and for Airbus subsidiary Airbus Defence and Space.