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File Sharing Services – File Security Is Only Half The Story…

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Photo by Nguyen Nguyen from PexelsBefore signing-up to a file sync-and-share service for business purposes, consider that it’s not just about the security of your files.

There are other aspects to file sharing that should be considered, namely:

1. privacy of your usage patterns
2. the geo-location of your data
3. the overarching ownership of the service

In July 2018, the popular file sharing service DropBox gave Northwestern University ‘access to project-folder-related data’ over a two-year period from about 400,000 users across 1,000 universities. Confusion surrounds the point at which the data was anonymized – initially it was claimed that uncensored data was provided, although this was later refuted. Regardless as to the point of anonymization, the key fact is that file sharing service providers such as these might be willing to share YOUR file / folder access patterns! They are able to do so because of clauses in their agreements. In this particular case, the privacy policy states that “its trusted third parties can analyze sharing activity to provide, improve, protect, and promote our Services”.

Before committing to such a file sharing service, ask yourself (or better still ask your Corporate Security Officer) if you are willing to compromise the level of mitigation around your data access patterns falling into the wrong hands? As an experienced Enterprise file sync-and-share service provider we do things differently at SEEBURGER; our take on such matters is that not only should your files remain secure, but so too should your usage patterns which should NEVER be shared (anonymised or not). Period.

Geo-Fencing Enables Local Compliance

Other aspects for consideration when choosing a file sharing service provider are the ability (and cost) to geo-fence YOUR data. For many, it won’t matter an iota as to which hard disk platter in the world their data resides on. For others, where inter-continental and inter-country exchange of personal or confidential data takes place, the physical location of that data is of paramount importance with regards to abiding by laws and regulations.


As a final thought, for the ultimate levels in mitigation against leakage of data and the access patterns pertaining to the data, why not consider a file sharing solution that can be deployed on-premises and run on secure in-house servers?

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