The Connected Car: "What's being Connected?"
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The Connected Car: „What’s being Connected?“

| | Account Manager, SEEBURGER

The digital transformation is completely upending the global automotive manufacturing and consumer landscape creating what we call the „Connected Car.“

When over a century ago Henry Ford developed the moving assembly line for the Ford Model T in 1913, one  wonders whether he ever imagined just how his industrial brainchild, that made mass production of vehicles faster and more affordable, would one day be transformed by – the Digital Transformation.

This is defined as a massive integration of mobile technologies, business processes and global players spanning vast continents and time zones.

Industry experts call the advent of „connected vehicle and mobility services to be among the most significant initiatives to hit the automotive industry since the invention of the assembly line.“ But what exactly is a Connected Car? What’s being connected? In a nutshell, people, goods, data, processes, transactions and increasingly critical infrastructure are connecting in an ever growing interoperable communications network that is transforming transportation, travel, and business. The Connected Car is fast becoming a nexus of OmniChannel electronic commerce, and entertainment.

According to McKinsey, by 2020 about 25% of all cars being manufactured will fall under this new category. While we thought our parent’s car with automatic windows and air conditioning was „cool“, today’s connected car can contain over an hundred on-board sensors, and instruments that keep track of local driving conditions, tire pressure, oil quality and weather. Features enable real time interaction between the car, the driver, other cars and a host of applications as well as mobile technologies that promise a safer, cleaner, more secure, time and cost-cutting driving and maintenance experience.

Visual displays provide drivers warning of possible dangers, weather related traffic and safety issues such as new apps providing blindspot warnings. The Connected Car is fully integrating with mobile phones permitting seamless conversation with others, streaming of news and entertainment, and vehicle conditions so dynamically that it is redefining what it means to own a car.

Think of cars that hook up into a spontaneous platoon driving very closely behind each other at synchronized speed. Such a road train lowers air resistance and reduces congestion. Consumers benefit of a cheaper, more environment friendly and faster ride.

As a result, automotive OEMs, distributors, and suppliers must have a digital transformation strategy or a partner that will empower their digital connections with industry proven tools that connect, respond, and extract actionable data in an ever challenging and evolving automotive ecosystem. Automotive stakeholders need a digital business platform designed and proven to address integration scenarios in order to remain competitive, compliant and especially to protect their supplier ratings.

This is precisely where SEEBURGER comes in offering one centralized platform that handles all data regardless of format, standard, communication protocol or integration requirement to digitize your business processes. From the heart of German car country, SEEBURGER’s Hybrid Integration platform and Business Integration Suite (BIS) empower the communications of over 3500 major automotive players worldwide. When the information superhighway meets the asphalt you need SEEBURGER to connect you.

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