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Don’t fear Migration! Modernize and Consolidate your Integration Infrastructure

| | Marketing Manager, SEEBURGER Nordic

Many enterprises and organizations are still depending on outdated B2B/MFT integration infrastructures they’ve built up over generations. This blogpost explains how modernization can be achieved in using SEEBURGER Simplified Migration Best Practices & Tools.

Today’s enterprises and organizations face a widening divergence between the IT infrastructure demanded by emerging business needs and the B2B/MFT integration infrastructure they’ve built up over generations.

The smart enterprise meets these challenges by replacing MFT/B2B legacy systems with digitally enabled, modernized, secure, trustworthy and scalable business integration applications.
Staying on legacy MFT/B2B applications can lead to a plethora of business challenges including:

  • Many are band-aided together and guarantee business silos: Organizations reap the biggest returns when they are able to reuse data and avoid redoing or completely recreating work that’s already been done. Without adequate interfaces linking systems and applications, both internally and externally, reusability is greatly limited, if possible at all.
  • Maintenance and staffing costs can be higher: It’s not just overtime costs that drive up the expense of maintaining legacy applications—it’s also finding, attracting and paying the staff that cares for them. Even maintaining the original code or customized script can be a major cost, as the original programmers have long since left the organization and finding others with the right skill sets can be difficult.
  • Compliance and regulatory concerns abound: Built before a time enamored with lawsuits and corporate oversight, legacy applications were not designed to live up to today’s stringent compliance standards like PCI, PSD2, AML, GDPR and MiFID II.
  • Limited functionality limits innovation and growth: Today’s society demands instant and easy access to as much information as possible. In order to effectively compete, business requires accurate information in real-time and immediate availability from multiple sources. Most legacy applications simply cannot meet such high expectations, resulting in a poor impact on both employees and customers.

The Objective

Implement a digitally enabled, modernized, secure, trustworthy and scalable business integration platform: SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite.

The Migration Challenge

We know that modernization of legacy integration platforms such as Managed File Transfer (MFT) and Business-To-Business (B2B/EDI) is seen as a time consuming and costly exercise. It involves reaching out to potentially thousands of trading partners, updating business contact lists, coordinating technical teams, performing acceptance testing and migrating the partners to a new platform, one by one. This potentially causes disruptions to business and impacts services provided to customers and business partners, resulting in dissatisfaction. So many hesitate to make the move to modernization and instead stay on costly and outdated integration infrastructures. But this is not necessary!

Don’t Fear Migration – Achieve Modernization Using SEEBURGER Simplified Migration Best Practices

After years of experience of migration projects we  have developed the SEEBURGER’s Migration Suite, to solve business pains surrounding legacy modernization and enable a controlled migration within the corporate architecture. The Migration Suite provides uninterrupted business operation while assisting in the migration process, eliminating the need to contact customers and business partners, making the migration process smooth and efficient. SEEBURGER’s best practice for legacy migration includes tools and solutions which simplify importing connectivity configuration from legacy MFT/B2B applications, thereby reducing cost of migration and improving customer satisfaction.

SEEBURGER’s Migration Suite is proven, and has been used by major global enterprises over many years to migrate from Axway’s integration suite (Secure Transport, AMTrix, Integrator, Integration Broker, etc.), IBM/Sterling Connect Enterprise, Sterling Integrator and other similar MFT/B2B applications.

To learn more download the SEEBURGER Migration Suite brochure.

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