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Informationssicherheit im Maschinen- und Anlagenbau

Information Security in Mechanical and Plant Engineering

Information security in data exchange and integration along the entire value chain in mechanical and plant engineering presents many companies with major challenges. The secure connection of customers, suppliers and partners in development, production, assembly, sales and service involves complex processes. Clear legal requirements and guidelines stipulate how data security must be guaranteed along the […]

Standardbasierte Interoperabilität im Maschinen- und Anlagenbau

Standards-Based Interoperability in Mechanical and Plant Engineering

Standards such as OPC UA and umati are becoming increasingly important in the context of interoperability for the standardized integration of business processes in mechanical and plant engineering. Why do we need international standards and how can SEEBURGER solutions support digitization in mechanical and plant engineering? Find out here why standards-based interoperability between machines and […]

VR Headset

Why Integration Platforms are the Central Hub for Smart Services

Smart Services are becoming more and more important throughout the entire product life cycle of mechanical engineering. As a digital service, Smart Services use and generate information and market service-based offerings via digital marketplaces and interfaces. Smart Services as part of Industry 4.0 / Industrial Internet of Things The digital transformation is adding value to […]

Digital Platform Economy in Mechanical Engineering

Digital Platform Economy in Mechanical Engineering

In the course of digital transformation in mechanical engineering classic value-added structures are increasingly changing. Formerly purely physical products are increasingly transforming into hybrid product-service systems. Now, digital platform economy stands for a new way of handling business transactions and has become increasingly important within the B2B sector. Data, products and services are offered via […]

CAD/CAx Produktdatenaustausch

Collaborative product development and data exchange in mechanical engineering and other technical industries

Globally operating companies with development and production sites distributed around the world as well as respective partner networks no longer limit their data exchange with customers and suppliers to pure CAD/CAx data, but add a wide range of product descriptions. There are a number of options for secure data exchange which we will describe in this article.