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Was ist ein Citizen Integrator?

What is a Citizen Integrator?

Anyone interested in the topic of iPaaS is increasingly confronted with the concept of the Citizen Integrator. In this blog we will answer the question: What is a Citizen Integrator and what is its place in corporate integration projects? iPaaS stands for Integration Platform as a Service. With this cloud variant, companies can network data, […]

iPaaS: Use Your Existing Systems Longer

iPaaS: Use Your Existing Systems Longer

Sooner or later, every company has to deal with digital transformation and modernization of corporate IT. Cloud-based solutions are becoming increasingly popular for these initiatives. In our iPaaS series so far, you have learned four good reasons why iPaaS should be the heart of your cloud strategy. The fifth and final reason shows how you […]

iPaaS: Application integration - quick and easy to orchestrate

iPaaS: Application Integration – Quick and Easy to Orchestrate

For your application integration to be secure and efficient, workflows, processes and mappings must be created, improved and modified quickly. It’s all possible with the right iPaaS solution. Find out how your IT department can participate in the integration process and ultimately determine the speed of integration. In Part I of our blog series, we […]


Digital Business Solutions in 2017 – Transform and Roll Out!

Customers tell their stories! Digital transformation is all about integration and automation of processes, systems, machines, as well as interaction with people. SEEBURGER has successfully made this our core business for the past 30 years. Read 5 success stories of SEEBURGER customers experiencing tremendous benefits and staying ahead of the game by using the SEEBURGER […]