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About Andreas Killinger

Since 2014, Andreas Killinger has been SAP Product Manager at SEEBURGER AG for software applications and services serving electronic business data exchange. He focuses on solutions in SAP as well as electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) for customers active on international markets. Killinger is a trained industrial mechanic who also studied law and administrative science. After a number of postings in public administration, he worked from 1999 to 2013 as an SAP Senior Consultant and SAP Project Manager for one of the leading corporate consultancies in international SAP projects.

E-Invoicing in Austria via PEPPOL

PEPPOL is the technological basis for e-procurement in the EU - and is also a good (but not the only) option for e-invoicing in Austria. PEPPOL-UBL and ebInterface are recognized as formats for invoices to the Austrian federal government. In many EU countries PEPPOL is developing and spreading more and more. Please also read our [...]

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Electronic invoicing becomes mandatory in Hungary as of August 1, 2018 – Avoid penalties by transferring data to NAV automatically

High financial penalties await any business that fails to correctly use NAV – the online electronic portal of the Hungarian tax authorities. Amended rules governing the accounting and invoicing of value added tax (VAT, i.e. sales tax) become effective July 1st, 2018. Hungarian business enterprises as well as foreign companies registered for value-added taxation purposes [...]

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