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API Management

What is API Management?

APIs connect partners, systems and internal teams easily and securely. The question of regulated management – API management – becomes more important the more they are deployed and used.

API Integration

What is API Integration?

APIs are used in a variety of scenarios to transfer data from A to B and thereby generate added value. In the B2B and B2C sectors, from banking and energy suppliers to the IIoT environment – whenever functional units are connected to each other so that data from a wide variety of sources can be collected and used via different connections, API integration is necessary.

Arten von APIs

The different types of APIs

APIs are your key to digitisation. In the blog “What exactly is an API“, we introduce the topic and explain the general functionality of APIs. Did you know that there are different APIs? Find out in this blog what types of APIs exist, how they differ and where API Lifecycle Management comes in.

API Interface

What exactly is an API?

APIs and API management are the talk of the town these days – but what exactly is an API and how do APIs work? Dive into the world of APIs and get answers to the question: What is an API?


Five Key Tasks that API Management Must Fulfill

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) integrate business processes, services, content and data. They connect partners, systems and internal teams easily and securely. The question of a regulated administration – the API management – gains importance the more APIs are utilized. Companies use APIs in many ways, e.g. to integrate endpoints as part of application development or […]