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An Infographic about the Everyday Challenges of Transferring Data Files

An Infographic about the Everyday Challenges of Transferring Data Files

Even in 2020, transferring files to internal teams or external business partners can be a challenge. Whether it is for compliance with data protection regulations (e.g. GDPR), defense against cyber-threats or self-imposed restrictions by the IT department, sending files is not as easy as it should be. According to the 2020 Cost of a Data Breach Report the average total cost of a data breach is USD 3.86 […]

3 Gründe für eine HIP zur Verbindung mit Logistikplattformen

Tradelens, Project 44, CargoSmart and Infor Nexus

3 reasons why you should use a HIP to connect to Logistics Platforms. Need to connect to a new supply chain platform such as Tradelens, Project44, CargoSmart or Infor Nexus? Don’t just use APIs – use APIs on a Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP). Here’s 3 reasons why. The logistics industry is both a highly competitive […]


EDI Challenges: The Top 6

Throughout the entire supply chain, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is commonly used to exchange business documents in a timely fashion. Despite there being EDI standards to help with this, executing EDI in the most efficient way is often challenging. […]

five reasons

5 Reasons To Ban the EDI VAN

Provoking as the headline may be, if you’re still operating on an EDI VAN service, you will no doubt be familiar with the frustrations that a forty-year-old solution presents in modern IT times. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and API/IoT/Industry 4.0 technologies are converging to take communication between business partners to the next level. The frustrations […]

Your EDI Supply

Your EDI Supply: Remain Indirect or Switch to Direct? Issues and Benefits businesses should consider

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is often mandated as part of a trading partner relationship between suppliers and buyers. This type of digital connectivity is crucial for the level of productivity and agility businesses need to thrive in today’s competitive markets. But how to best go-about utilizing that digital connectivity with EDI?… There are two fundamental […]


Blockchain – Disruptively Positive Technology for the CPG Industry

Deloitte recently published a very interesting article entitled ‘The adoption of disruptive technologies in the consumer products industry‘. Only as recently as last year (2018) the Consumer Products industry fared less than favourably in terms of its ‘digital maturity’ compared with other industries, thus indicating ample room for improvement by way of digital transformation. Spearheading […]