Installing enterprise software can be an arduous task. Manually answering prompts with technical parameters in multiple environments (‘what was the IP address of the TEST database again?’) can be time consuming and error prone.

Today, we’ll look at how you can use the SEEBURGER BIS silent setup in order to minimize errors, shrink install times, and leverage your existing configuration management and server automation tools to install SEEBURGER BIS.

The ‘Silent Setup’ is an installation option that allows administrators to provide a response file to the BIS installer to specify common parameters like the database connection details and which packages to install.

Create your file. This is just a text file with key value pairs to define installation parameters. The values depend on the specific configuration of your system and will be different from the sample screenshot below:


    Figure 1:

Place this file in the BIS installer directory and run the command

# ./setup.bin –f

Grab a cup of coffee and watch the installer run through all the necessary steps and create the database schema for you! Look for the successful.flg flag file in your install directory to validate that the install was completed without any errors.

If you’re curious, check out the <BIS-HOME>/log/install directory to see the related log files. Mine shows a completed install in less than 8 minutes!!!


    Figure 2:

Think about that for a second, it took me less time to install BIS than to write this blog post!

Create files for all environment and all instances in your highly-available BIS cluster. Invoke the silentsetup step in your favorite configuration management tool ( chef, puppet, ansible, salt-stack, CFEngine, pick your favorite – we like them all!) and you can automate your server setup from end-to-end. You could even automate post install app configuration by creating change requests using our move-to-production tool! But that’s a topic for another day.

How do you envision leveraging silentsetup in your IT department? Leave a comment below or write to us at