flying filesSignificant business benefits come with replacing outdated, disparate systems with a single platform that can handle all types of data transfer securely and reliably. First, the following benefits are associated with using a single platform for transferring both structured and unstructured data:

  1. Reduces risk, cuts operating costs, improves customer service, shortens time to market
  2. Speeds value to the business
  3. Streamlines, protects and accelerates supply chain processes and business operations
  4. Speeds up onboarding of trading partners—even those with limited technology or expertise
  5. Reduces the threat of data’s being misdirected, late, lost or stolen
  6. Ensures compliance with government, industry and customer privacy and security mandates

Then there are the benefits associated with increased visibility :

  1. “Single source of the truth.” It is difficult to get accurate answers and insights when data resides in multiple systems. Say, for example, a customer sends an inquiry about the status of an order that came in a few days ago. If the customer service agent has to go to multiple systems to piece together an answer, there are many opportunities for inaccuracy and inefficiency to creep in. Having a single platform means that employees need to check only one place to get an answer—increasing speed and accuracy, both of which boost customer satisfaction and confidence. Companies can also elect to give their customers and trading partners access to the same data their internal people use, an added bonus.
  2. Consistent capabilities, so employees won’t get stranded, unable to reach an answer because they are on the wrong system.
  3. Consolidated database for reporting and a single place for all the information on what happened with transactions, including file transfers and orders. As noted above, having answers reside in one place makes life easier for employees, customers and trading partners.
  4. Consistent interface within the application. When the vendor writes the application with full functionality from the ground up, having a consistent interface is a major benefit. Some vendors cobble together a solution from a variety of point applications, which adds to the training burden and often hampers usability.

For more information, read CIO Magazine’s whitepaper “Reduce Enterprise Risk by Implementing One Platform for Secure and Efficient Data Transfer” and then visit our business integration resource center