stairsFile transfer is more than a given at the average financial institution. The Financial Services Industry (FSI) thrives on information and devours it. In one day you might send and receive files in and out of the office, down the street and across the globe, and back and forth with agents, clients, brokers and more.

Combined with the amount of data flying around—the need for an efficient file transfer solution seems pretty clear. A solution needs to protect sensitive data while keeping a lid on costs. Unfortunately, legacy systems do neither. Weighed down by disparate FTP and script tools, and a lack of visibility and secure protocols, these systems become an endless road to nowhere once their last friend in IT retires.

A single, modern file transfer solution can resolve these problems. Modernization and consolidation go a long way towards improving security, and centralizing management and data transmission governance. They can also substantially reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). Factor in the costs of multiple toolsets, software licenses and maintenance agreements and the savings can quickly add up.

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