Facebook Passes EBay in Value, Becoming No. 3 U.S. Web Company

November 15, 2010, 12:30 AM EST By Brian Womack Nov. 15 (Bloomberg) — Facebook Inc.’s estimated worth is now bigger than EBay Inc.’s valuation, making it the third- largest U.S. Internet business and underscoring the growing allure of social media for investors. Facebook’s stock is trading at more than $16 on SecondMarket Inc., an exchange [...]

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Supply Chain News: Latest Trends in Logistics Study from Manrodt, Holcomb IDs 5 “Undeniable Supply Chain Truths”

Annual Survey Finds Big Improvements in Inventory Turns – but Will They Hold? Strategy of being “All Things to All People” Surges by SCDigest Editorial Staff As always, the annual Trends and Issues in Logistics and Transportation report results were unveiled during a presentation at CSCMP’s conference in San Diego. This 19th version of the [...]

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How can Finance get into the EDI world

Image that its Friday morning, just like all of the others, the Accounts Payable Manager comes out of his/her office to the sound of paper being shuffled throughout the AP department. He/she looks over their empire of personnel and watches as each clerk pulls a check from one pile, the paper remittance details from another [...]

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The retailers’ dilemma

As they decide how to stock their shelves later this year, America’s shopkeepers are debating whether the recent rise in consumer spending will last. THE mood of executives at retail firms normally moves in lockstep with that of their customers. But in America the news on May 25th that consumer confidence had reached its highest [...]

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Six Reasons To Worry About China in Your Supply Chain

Thursday, May 20, 2010 Kevin O’Marah If this sounds like China bashing, well—fair enough—it sort of is. But let’s be clear before we start: The criticisms aren’t leveled against the private-sector supply chain professionals who are transforming the Chinese economy. These folks may be building out the global supply chain of the future more than [...]

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SEEBURGER Offers RosettaNet Training in China

Shanghai (May 21, 2010) – SEEBURGER announced today that it is launching a program offering expert training in the use of the RosettaNet global business-to-business e-commerce standard to companies of all sizes in China. SEEBURGER’s professional trainers received in-depth RosettaNet education provided by RosettaNet’s staff instructor and Senior Technical Specialist, Mr. Hussam El-Leithy. SEEBURGER is [...]

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Trading Community Management Linked to Business Performance: Aberdeen

ATLANTA, GA, May 18, 2010 — SEEBURGER Inc. today announced the availability of an archived version of a joint webinar with Aberdeen Group addressing the role of trading community management in business performance as well as strategies for improving interactions with customers and suppliers. The webinar is based on a recent Aberdeen study concluding that [...]

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Next Generation Supply Chain Strategies: Enabling Trading Communities for Demand Supply Networks

Next Generation Supply Chain Strategies: Enabling Trading Communities for Demand Supply Networks Sign up for the webinar here April 21, 2010, 2:00-3:00 ET. In today’s cost-constrained business climate, it has become difficult for companies to stay informed and in control of every stage of their supply chains, as the responsibility had been spread throughout the [...]

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How CEOs are Thinking about Supply Chains

Supply Chain News Cost Cutting and Risk Management are at Top of the Agenda; Managing these Trade-Offs will be Key to Supply Chain Success; CEOs Fret about New Normal What’s on the mind of corporate CEOs when it comes to strategy, the business environment, and the supply chain? A lot is changing, suggests the latest [...]

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SMBs Fuel 30% Yearly Growth in SEEBURGER’s Managed EDI/B2B Services

Outsourcing Business Surges in Last Year; Large Enterprises Also Join Movement ATLANTA, GA, Feb. 16, 2010 — SEEBURGER Inc. announced today that the number of customers selecting the company’s managed EDI/B2B services rather than conventional software installation has surged by 30% in the past year, driven largely by small to midsized businesses without in-house resources [...]

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