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SEEBURGER MFT for SAP Announced at SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference

It’s the first day of the conference and so far the show has been great. We’ve had excellent and insightful conversations with SAP customers visiting our booth and the reaction to today’s product announcement has been tremendous.  Today, we launched SEEBURGER Managed File Transfer for SAP.  It is a complete MFT solution for SAP NetWeaver and SAP data leakage.  Here are a few highlights:

  • SEE MFT for SAP is the first complete tool for file transfers into and out of SAP that uses the power, flexibility and interface of NetWeaver and SAP
  • The solution eliminates the need for costly, complex and cobbled-together infrastructure for managed file transfer (such as multiple FTP/SFTP servers or gateway- or application-specific MFT servers) – and the people to manage it
  • IT centralizes, simplifies and streamlines the management of all your file transfers
  • SEE MFT for SAP provides visibility of file transfers from within SAP for employees, partners, IT staff and administrators

To learn more, visit our web site at www.seeburger.com/managed-file-transfer or read today’s press announcement.

A View From The Channel- Part III

Guest blogger, Michelle Jones.  Vice President Global Channels & Alliances

Anniversaries are often the catalyst for reflection and evaluation of year(s) past-  the events, successes and challenges that brought us to where we are today.  As my one year anniversary with SEEBURGER approaches, it seemed appropriate to do just that.

It is with tremendous pride that I start this post by announcing SEEBURGER has been awarded the 5 Star Partner Program rating in CRN’s 2012 Partner Program Guide, the definitive listing of manufacturers and software publishers that service solution providers or provide products to the IT Channel.

SEEBURGER is one of the elite subset of Partner Program Guide vendors who give solution providers the best partnering elements in their channel programs.  We extend a special thanks to the SEEBURGER partners, employees and customers who made this major milestone possible!


In the midst of unprecedented market and technology consolidation, the invasion of social and mobile forces on enterprises, and a plethora of new privacy/security woes, SEEBURGER has seen a year of growth, innovation and new approaches in serving our customers.  In this post I explore the latter, and share some insights on how we’ve adapted to all of the above in our commitment to drive more value for our customers across the globe.

My last post conveyed the message that to be successful you must always “keep your compass pointed to customer value…. all roads lead there.” It’s a simple concept, but the road has many forks and it’s important to avoid taking dodgy detours.  In my opinion, if we stick to the basics- People, Processes and Technology- we won’t fail.  But it takes all three- none of these critical factors can stand on their own in the quest to realize definitive customer value.

People are the most crucial factor in any relationship, personal or professional.  Yes, social marketing, media and business have changed the way we engage.  It enables remote working, speeds communications and workflows and allows us to collaborate with more people in more places.   But there is ALWAYS a real person behind the pc, tablet or mobile phone.  And that person has unique needs and influence on business decisions.

Processes are the “silent” partner of most technologies.  It’s very frustrating as a vendor when customers make a technology purchase and implement it within their existing, perhaps inefficient, processes.  Rarely do they achieve maximum efficiencies and ROI in the absence of revised business processes.  As vendors, we would be remiss to advise our clients otherwise.  If they push back, don’t give up, it’s our responsibility as their trusted partners.

Technology is the champion that enables people to get the job done and facilitate the application of solid business processes.

So what did all of this mean for SEEBURGER, our customers and partners over the last twelve months?  Quite a lot.  We did, in fact, focus on people, processes and technology throughout, with the compass set steadily on our customers.  As a result, we have many solid accomplishments that touch on each of these critical areas.  Here are just a few:

This is only the tip of the iceberg.  Stay connected with us to hear the latest and greatest.  You can follow us on Twitter (@seeburgernews), join our group on LinkedIn and follow our  blog to learn more about SEEBURGER and our partners, and to stay up to date on the latest Business Integration news.  Feel free to dm me via twitter (@mas_jones) or email me directly at m.jones@seeburger.com.  Your comments and feedback are most welcome.

View the full press release

A View From The Channel – Part II

Guest blogger, Michelle Jones.  Vice President Global Channels & Alliances

My last post addressed the need for software vendors and channel partners to adapt to changing market conditions, industry regulations, technology landscapes and ever-shifting customer requirements. My take of “adapt or be left behind” has proven true.  In the few short months since that post we’ve seen significant acquisition activity among vendors (and between partners of vendors), endless debate/discussion regarding the risks and opportunities of social business, growth on all fronts “cloud” and  massive attention to the resulting privacy implications.

So what does this mean?  It means that focus is more important today than ever before.  Before hopping on the latest buzzword bandwagon, companies should look at their core competencies- be it technology, consulting, services- and determine how to leverage the new forces at play to make them the best they can be.  Most importantly, keep your compass pointed to customer value.  In my opinion, all roads must lead there.

I am in no way suggesting businesses do not innovate-  innovation is key to the success of any company working with technology.  It does, however, mean do not get distracted by the next shiny thing that emerges for it may prove to be fad vs. future.

Do your homework and remember, your customers and partners chose to do business with you for a reason.  Validate their choice of you as their trusted partner with constant innovation, investment, improvement and modernization of what you do best.  Then exploit new technologies and methods of deployment, strengthen relationships via all channels possible and never forget the end game- customer value. Read more

Consolidation — the path to modernization

Today’s CIO knows that the key to efficient IT is modernization, innovation and risk reduction. With such an overwhelming array of MFT, B2B and EAI environment products and solutions available on the market today, the answer is consolidation. For more than 25 years, SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (SEE BIS) been trusted by more than 8,500 customers across the globe to help them achieve that goal.

  • Leading Technology Company: This global computer manufacturer was able to replace multiple products with the end-to-end platform of SEE BIS — something none of our competitors were able to do. The replaced products cost $510 thousand annually before administrative expenses.
  • Automotive Supplier: As one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers, Magna wanted to consolidate its global information network. SEE BIS allowed Magna to cut costs by supporting consolidation of all formats and business processes with complete integration in six months.
  • Retailer: One of Switzerland’s largest retailers, Coop was able to meet the demand set by a rapid doubling of EDI partners and processes with SEE BIS. The solution met Coop’s OS requirements and enabled direct integration with sister companies through various BIS integration points.

With just a single platform, SEE BIS provides 100 percent integration. Learn more today by reading our complimentary white paper, Modernization and Consolidation of Existing B2B Landscapes.

What Facebook Can Teach Us About Data Privacy

Facebook is currently the world’s most popular web site, with more than 690 billion page views each month, according to metrics from Google’s DoubleClick service. Facebook currently accounts for about 9.5 percent of all Internet traffic, slightly more than Google, according to HitWise.

Much has been said of Facebook’s infrastructure and its ability to keep millions of individuals connected to friends, family, and businesses on a 24/7 basis.   One might argue that Facebook is the tour de force of personal information and privacy. Read more

Supply Chain: Automation Advocate or Foe?

2010 is now behind us; many had a good holiday season while others, no so much. Regardless, it’s a new calendar year and time to start working on those 2011 projects. For some of you these projects will include the items that I’ve written on over the last 12 months such as –

  • Adding a new method of distribution like Ecommerce, Cross dock or VMI, changing existing EDI transactions that are supported.
  • Adding new systems of automation like Logistics, Inventory Availability or Finance related; this means new EDI transactions like the 846, 852, 830 or 753/754 documents
  • Adding more trading partners to your existing supply chain automation

If you have projects for the above, “kudos” to you; for those that don’t, the battle for resources may be facing you for some of these, however, now is the time to shine in front of your peers and management.

In working with many different companies that have an EDI department, there is reluctance to do more than the minimum, or a lack of desire to grow your EDI program. I’ve heard excuses like  . . .

read more: http://see-links.com/1m

More Jobs, More Ecommerce in 2011? Are Your B2B and EDI Efforts Ready for Growth?

For all that 2011 will be about, let’s hope it’s mostly about this: jobs, and lots of ‘em. Being a cog in the technology sector, I was heartened to read Time’s article, “Where the Jobs Are: The Rights Spots in the Recovery” which noted that if you are in the tech sector, you are in one of the happiest places to be (job-wise, of course). Time points to network-systems and data analysts as the second-fastest-growing occupations in the U.S. after biomedical engineers.

I then read an interesting story on the Wall Street Journal that retailer Macy’s is adding about 725 new positions in the next two years as it expands its Macys.com and Bloomingdales.com ventures. Now I know 725 jobs isn’t a lot, but it is heartening to see growth in ecommerce. I’m a big champion of ecommerce. I do most of my shopping online, and was even an e-retailer for several years (I owned a brick-and-mortar kid’s store and one year after opening we opened our online, ecommerce channel. It substantially contributed to our sale.

read more: complete article.

Why The CIO Role Is Under Fire

Posted by R “Ray” Wang, Nov. 22 2010, 2:08 pm

Less than three years ago, the mighty CIO controlled his organization’s destiny by shepherding multi-million dollar IT projects and ruling technology strategy with an iron fist. Business leaders had to pay homage to the IT team in order to implement any new business capability. IT leaders believed they led massive business change within organizations via technology adoption.

Unfortunately for many CIOs, those days are just fond memories. There are three forces of change challenging the authority, credibility and role of today’s CIO. Read more

1 SEEBURGER Named a Leader in Comprehensive Integration Solutions by Independent Research Firm

High Scores for B2B Support, Strategic Alliances, Customer Reference Checks & More

BRETTEN, GERMANY (November 22, 2010) — SEEBURGER AG announced today
that it has been named a Leader in Forrester Research Inc.’s recent evaluation of vendors offering comprehensive integration solutions (CIS) that help enterprises solve complex integration challenges. The report, “The Forrester Wave: Comprehensive Integration Solutions, Q4 2010” (November 9, 2010), recognized SEEBURGER for “leverage[ing] a strong B2B (business-to-business) story to offer a more comprehensive suite.” Read more

SEEBURGER Positioned in Visionaries Quadrant for Application Infrastructure for Systematic Application Integration Projects

BRETTEN, GERMANY (November 10, 2010) — SEEBURGER AG announced today that it has been positioned in the Visionaries quadrant in Gartner’s just-published Magic Quadrant* titled “Magic Quadrant for Application Infrastructure for Systematic Application Integration Projects”, an analysis of application integration infrastructure vendors. The Magic Quadrant examines vendors whose products provide features that address the needs of systematic application-to-application (A2A), business-to-business (B2B) and cloud-based application integration projects. Read more

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