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New poll: Everyone’s data is 100 percent secure

It seems that every four years, we find ourselves searching for the truth a little more than usual. Well in honor of our upcoming election (no political affiliation required) here’s a little fact checking for you.  Our headline was 100 percent false. Sorry.

In fact, only one in five organizations have the policies and tools in place they need to safeguard their data, and every year yet another major organization incurs significant financial and reputational costs after data loss. So, time to fact check your own campaign for data security. Do you have the policies and tools in place you need?

If you don’t, now is a great time to take a look at Forrester’s latest analysis of the state of data security and privacy today, and what can be done to improve it tomorrow.  Download your complimentary copy today and get the facts—not fluff.

Three really good reasons to switch from FTP to MFT

Some old things are nice — a fine antique desk, a watch from your grandfather, a classic car. But some are not. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is like a laptop built in 1999. It’s outdated, and simply not equipped to ensure secure file transfer in the face of today’s modern IT landscape.

So what are the two major reasons you should swap FTP for Managed File Transfer (MFT)? Why should your organization give up a tool that seems so alluring with its ability to quickly share files for free?

  1. Security. Simply put, FTP does a poor job of securing data. It won’t do anything to address potential breaches, while MFT offers central monitoring and management capabilities.
  2. Compliance. While FTP lacks an audit trail, MFT provides one. FTP allows users to send data to whomever they choose. MFT instills protocols that keep data out of the wrong hands.
  3. Cost. As the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. When a FTP or ad hoc system of transferring files fails and data leaks, you can expect the bill to range in the millions.

A recent CIO Magazine white paper illustrates these points and the fundamentals of data loss, and delves down into the intricacies of and differences between FTP and MFTRead the white paper today to learn more about why this is one switch you should definitely make.

SEEBURGER Delivers Secure Cloud-Based File Sharing for SMBs on Amazon Web Services

SEEBURGER’s multi-award winning secure file sharing product, SEE FX is now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Now, companies can  have access to their files from a cloud that is based in their region, wherever they are globally.  Additionally, your data is stored in a secure, compliant, highly secure fashion by the world-leading cloud provider, Amazon.

Third time is another charm. SEE MFT wins another award.

Wow. It’s only been half a year since we introduced our Managed File Transfer solution (SEE MFT) and it’s already won another award. Info Security Products Guide just awarded it the 2012 Global Excellence Award in the Database Security, Data Leakage-Protection/Extrusion Prevention category.

Judges were impressed by SEE MFT’s comprehensive security framework and its ability to keep sensitive files safe and sound. SEE MFT prevents data loss, regulatory and compliance violations, and many of the other risks associated with sharing files inside and outside your business. With guaranteed file delivery and a lot more, you can probably guess why the awards keep coming in.

Part of our Business Integration Suite, SEE MFT has continued to make waves (the good kind of course) ever since entering the market. Having already earned a Global Business Excellence Award and Golden Bridge Award, I’d say SEE MFT has led a pretty charmed life thus far — a well-earned one.

Want to know more? Check out the recent press release announcing the award or visit the SEE MFT section of our website for videos, white papers, case studies and more.

SEEBURGER Unveils an Industry First

The new SEEBURGER Managed File Transfer solution (SEE MFT) marks a key industry milestone. It’s now possible to transfer files though a unified communication gateway on a central platform. You can consider FTP spaghetti and transfer oversight loopholes a thing of the past.

It’s likely that many of you reading this still use traditional FTP strategies that lack crucial security, governance and compliance controls – and delay the exchange of data. SEE MFT offers you a sound alternative that includes built-in features to automatically ensure security, visibility, governance and regulatory compliance.

“MFT aids governance efforts by enabling file transfers to be monitored and managed,” Gartner Analyst Thomas Skybakmoen wrote in a recent report. “Traditional file transfer solutions, such as scripts and FTP, often lack visibility features, and don’t have integrated solutions for internal and external file transfer requirements.”

Analysts (and you too probably) have noticed over the past few years that files sizes and high administrative costs are increasing pressure on businesses to streamline and strengthen file transfer management. The one-platform, one-GUI SEE MFT solution takes care of all of this for data both inside and outside the corporate firewall.

Getting SEE MFT up and running is as simple as you want it to be. It’s available immediately with online access for a low monthly fee – or as a cloud-enabled version for private cloud or enterprise network hosting when purchased with a traditional license. Visit the new MFT solution center on our website to learn more.

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