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Protecting financial services industry data—from the inside

It’s often said that we are our own worst enemies. According to a Ponemon Institute report, employee or contractor negligence is the root cause of almost half of all data breaches. This is important to note in the financial services and insurancesector—where data breaches can be downright catastrophic. According to the report, the majority of […]

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  • 12. September 2013

Managed File Transfer 101

The good news is Managed File Transfer (MFT) is here to stay. The bad news is you’re wondering what the heck MFT is. Welcome to MFT 101, your intro to all that is Managed File Transfer. Simply put, MFT is a solution for sending files of any size automatically and securely. Using software and secure […]

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  • 20. December 2011

Three major file problems MFT solves

While Managed File Transfer (MFT) has many things to offer, its greatest value can be distilled from the three most significant problems it helps eliminate. Gargantuan size files: File sizes today are out of control. A single graphic can be 100 MB and many a PowerPoint presentation has been known to creep towards the 20 […]

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  • 14. December 2011

EnBW keeps its data secure with Managed File Transfer (MFT) from SEEBURGER

In 2010, Energie Baden-Württemberg AG (EnBW) – Germany’s third-largest energy provider, which has around six million customers and employs than 20,000 people – recorded an annual turnover in excess of 17 billion euros.  The company focuses primarily on electricity (with activities in the fields of generation, retailing, grid and supply), gas and energy and environmental […]

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  • 21. November 2011

SEEBURGER file transfer solution featured in latest SAPInsider issue

Those large files you’re sharing, they’re not as secure as you may think they are. Large files sent around organizations through FTP lack the security measures small files protected by content-aware software have. Basically, they’re in danger of regulatory violations and data breaches. That’s where our managed file transfer (SEE MFT) platform comes in. Just […]

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  • 2. November 2011

Perfectly prepared for the new OFTP2 international communications standard thanks to SEEBURGER solutions

OFTP2 for CAD data exchange With OFTP2, ODETTE is establishing a new international standard for exchanging data and standardizing both national and international communication in the automotive industry.   OFTP2 is enjoying great popularity as a transfer protocol for asynchronous data exchange. In order to tap the potential offered by OFTP2, many OEMs are currently […]

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  • 22. August 2011

SEEBURGER Launches ODETTE-Certified Solutions for OFTP2 Communication

ATLANTA, GA, February 25, 2010 — SEEBURGER Inc. today announced the availability of multiple ODETTE-certified OFTP2 solutions for automotive suppliers who must meet OEM mandates to migrate to the ODETTE File Transfer Protocol 2 for supply chain communications. SEEBURGER is among the first business-to-business integration providers to receive OFTP2 certification from ODETTE International, the European […]

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  • 4. March 2010