Here is a short Q&A about SEEBURGER products and services in response to the recently announced security threat called Heartbleed:

Are SEEBURGER products affected?
No. SEEBURGER products are not directly affected by the Heartbleed Open SSL issue. But we do recommend that your company review any use of Open SSL to ensure your system’s security.

Are SEEBURGER platforms or cloud services affected?
No. SEEBURGER products (except BIS5) do not use the OpenSSL library for network servers and we also do not ship or require the library in standard operation. SEEBURGER BIS5 Client Adapters P7 and FTP are not using a version of OpenSSL affected by the Heartbleed bug.

SEEBURGER’s Secure Edge, as well as SEEBURGER BIS6, PI adaptors, SEEBURGER Web-Applications (E.g. IMartOne) and our secure file transfer solutions MFT/SEEFX are based on the Java platform which protect against programming errors common to implementations in the C or C++ programming language.

So is my company totally safe?
Although we can confirm that our products and services are not affected, systems which connect to SEEBURGER products and services may have vulnerabilities and we encourage you to perform your own security audit.

Where do I go if I want more information?
Customers can login to our knowledge base for more detailed information. Visit our homepage under hot topics: for our official response from our team, or for more information specific to the heartbleed bug visit