SEEBURGER Secure Link (SEE Link), the newest addition to our Managed File Transfer suite, was unveiled yesterday at the Gartner Summit in Las Vegas. It’s a moment worth mentioning, as SEE Link provides a sound alternative to the conventional file sharing methods that have plagued many with risk for years.

“Enterprises not only need to be sure that the right data gets to the right place at the right time but also must be able to prove it for audit and compliance purposes. For most organizations, this is not only a challenge but a major drain on IT resources,” Rohit Khanna, SEEBURGER global strategy and corporate development executive vice president said.

Enter SEE Link. With several industry-first features, SEE Link can significantly reduce administrative overhead and the risk of exchanging files with partners lacking B2B/EDI capabilities. It not only helps ensure secure, easy-to-manage internal and external data exchange, it has built-in policy enforcement, encryption and data integrity checking capabilities.

These features and a central audit trail help prevent data loss, and ensure compliance with regulatory and corporate requirements. And as an added bonus, SEE Link’s user-friendly, browser-based interface is perfect for those with little IT experience. Read the press release to learn more about how SEE Link is different and what it has to offer.