Those large files you’re sharing, they’re not as secure as you may think they are. Large files sent around organizations through FTP lack the security measures small files protected by content-aware software have. Basically, they’re in danger of regulatory violations and data breaches.

That’s where our managed file transfer (SEE MFT) platform comes in. Just how does SEE MFT ensure security and regulatory compliance? For starters, it interfaces with all SAP solutions and many email and document management systems seamlessly. It also provides:

  • Encryption and authentication of file transfers
  • Checkpoint and restart capabilities to ensure delivery
  • Rule-based routing and workflows that ensure policies
  • A complete audit trail of data exchange activity

SEE MFT reduces the total cost of ownership by consolidating transfers on a central platform and eliminating the expense of managing multiple FTP solutions. SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite users don’t need additional infrastructure — just a license key to get started.

Read our article about SEE MFT from the latest issue of SAPInsider to learn more.