SMEs are often overwhelmed by trying to operate their own IT systems. Read this blog post to learn about electronic data interchange (EDI) solutions that can help you get more services at a lower cost by making clever outsourcing decisions.

Whether it’s invoices transferred fully automatically to your clients’ accounting software or order lists that can be fed directly into your vendors’ systems with no need for manual processing, electronic data interchange (EDI) has become a fixture in many companies’ operations in our digitalizing economy. And for good reason, because their use not only makes business processes faster, safer, and less complicated, but also frees up time and budget that can be directly invested into your core business. Afraid of the cost? Don’t worry: this post shows how it hasn’t been necessary for quite some time now to make major investments in running your own IT systems. Instead, we suggest that you turn to professional B2B cloud-based EDI services and save costs over the long term.

Why running your own EDI infrastructure is rarely profitable…

Many small companies successfully adapt to rapid changes in technology by offering tailor-made products for specific market niches. Increasing sales mean that companies need to find a way to handle orders and logistics digitally, but they often lack the time, money, and infrastructure to set up the professional EDI solution they require.
The result: many in-house IT departments are too small to bring in someone with EDI expertise, normally only attained through intensive training and experience. So, if a company wants to have this expert as an employee, the EDI project can suddenly become quite expensive. But there is another way: If you outsource your electronic data interchange, you can avoid high expenses for such items as personnel, licenses and infrastructure.

… and how you can benefit from professional EDI/B2B services as a cloud-based solution.

Many companies are concerned about the cost of a professional solution that runs 24/7. This requires investment in fail-safe components for your infrastructure and, of course, a large team of specialists to run the system. Such investments involve substantial risks and drain financial resources without any assurance that they pay off.

The situation is quite different when you ask an external service provider to run your electronic data interchange. While SMEs are rarely able to maintain a sufficiently secured IT infrastructure to run such an operation, a professional service is constantly updating its infrastructure – at a fraction of the cost of an in-house solution.

For a manageable sum, you gain access to professionally-operated, secure IT infrastructure to run your EDI.

Instead of having to invest in costly infrastructure and new personnel, you just hand over the work to expert professionals and immediately benefit from the advantages of electronic data transfer. It makes sense to invest in this maximum level of security and comfort and take advantage of electronic data interchange while avoiding the up-front risks.

Expertise is a cost factor that should not be underestimated

Staff costs, in particular, are often underestimated. Only professionals who do nothing else will have the knowledge of the different standards, formats, and specifications required for the electronic interchange of data – and, to be honest, these professionals are hard to find and often expensive. Another cost trap: If a specially trained employee is out on sick leave or changes jobs, then you could be faced with a considerable loss of knowledge and the search for her replacement will again require an enormous consumption of resources.

You can avoid all of these costs by hiring a professional service. The costs are laid out for you in a transparent manner in the service contract and, upon signing, you get instant, 24/7 access to a large team of EDI experts that lets your own team concentrate fully on their core tasks.

Whether it is onboarding new business partners or adapting the EDI to changing circumstances, you do not have to worry about it. Your partner’s team will handle it for you. Your clients and business partners will be grateful to you for how easy it is to work with professional service providers to set up their EDI!

Why professional EDI always pays off

By outsourcing your EDI to a professional service provider, you save costs in the long term and ensure your competitiveness. Without having to make extensive up-front investments, you can hand over the electronic data interchange that many of your business partners may ask for and benefit from a service plan that offers cost transparency.

So you no longer have a reason not to get on the path to the future by introducing EDI. Save time and money by having a service provider handle the manual processing of important data. You can also cut your direct postage and telephone costs. Having a service provider professionally handle your electronic data interchange will make the headaches of coordinating EDI with your clients and partners a thing of the past and the problems caused by human error will be significantly minimized. In addition, you will be in a position to handle orders much faster and more easily monitor the movements of your goods, both nationally and internationally. The associated financial benefits are enormous, which is why you should invest in a professional electronic data interchange as soon as possible.

The 5 principles for EDI success described in our free e-book will help guide you in your decision.

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