It’s in our nature to assume we’re immune—that bad stuff only happens to other people.

We tell ourselves that yes, texting and driving is dangerous, but we’re really good drivers so we’re fine. Yes, eating a high-fat diet can cause heart attacks, but those things only happen to other people. Sometimes data breaches happen, and businesses lose millions of dollars and their reputation. But that won’t happen to us. We’re careful and don’t share anything important online anyway.

But do your people really know how to keep things private? Research suggests they probably don’t, as analysts say nearly half of all security breaches are caused by employees and business partners.  Are you absolutely, 100 percent positive there isn’t anything on the free Web file sharing service you use sometimes that you wouldn’t want the whole world to see? file transfer

A new Network World Magazine article, Combating Security Breaches with Managed File Transfer Technology, takes a hard look at some recent security breaches and the technology that helps prevent breaches from ever happening. Read the article today to learn more—then visit our managed file transfer solution center for white papers, case studies and more.