EDI B2B Cloud

You might wonder whether the outsourcing of electronic data interchange (EDI) is worthwhile for your business. In this article we will inform you about the benefits of EDI/B2B Cloud Services. You will also learn what to look for when searching for a suitable provider.

Especially in the IT field, a great deal of knowledge and expertise is often necessary to handle tasks professionally and smoothly. For this reason, any company that wants to introduce electronic data interchange (EDI) to automate and standardize its communication processes should first ask the fundamental question of whether it can meet their high requirements with its internal resources. If this is not the case, a thorough analysis of various options is necessary, as with all other outsourcing decisions.

EDI outsourcing – yes or no?

Are you unsure whether EDI outsourcing is profitable for you? The following points can help you decide:

Put the focus on your core business

Before any kind of outsourcing is decided on, the question arises of how important it is for your business to handle a certain process internally. If your company’s success depends on your employees having the necessary know-how and the means to implement the essential processes easily, this calls for an in-house solution. However, if the desired service is only peripherally related to your core business, it makes more sense in most cases to rely on external service providers.
In terms of electronic data exchange, more and more companies are convinced of the benefits of flexible outsourcing and cloud services: while your staff can concentrate on the core business, in the background, a professional EDI service provider assures the smooth flow of electronic data interchange – around the clock.

Instead of having to rely on the constant readiness of your team, you can thus calmly pursue your plans when incidents occur outside of regular business hours. Your professional service provider will be readily using its 24/7 service – and at a fraction of the cost that would be incurred if you had initially chosen to hire and train your own experts.

Ability to respond flexibly to changing business demands

What is the probability that requirements asked of your company by your customers will soon change again? If the probability is high, the question arises as to how to quickly and flexibly react to such changes with your own usually small team.
Keep in mind that professional EDI/B2B Cloud Services are designed for maximum flexibility. You can at any time readjust the volume of electronic data exchange to your needs and allow newfound business partners to immediately connect thanks to optimal scalability. Lower demands will also lower your EDI costs, whereby planning risks through expensive investments can be completely avoided.

What to look for when searching for a suitable EDI provider

Keeping to the topic of EDI, it can be said that electronic data interchange requires highly specialized personnel. Should you have an internal solution in sight, professional implementation would be realized through an enormous effort, because you have to invest not only in the training of internal experts, but also in a high-performance IT infrastructure.
For this reason, more and more companies opt for simple and flexible use of EDI/B2B Cloud Services. Therefore you should, particularly in regards to privacy and security, not compromise.
In addition, when searching for a suitable EDI provider, the following basic requirements are essential:

• Ensure that the data center of the desired service provider is ISO 27001 certified.
• The more specialized the IT infrastructure of your provider the better. If you want to outsource the exchange of electronic data, then its infrastructure should be optimized for business integration processes.
• The B2B processes should also be ISO 27001 certified and ITIL-compliant.
• The fewer parties your service provider involves, the smoother the coordination. Therefore, choose a provider with which everything comes from a single source.
• Engage a service provider whose staff takes over the operation of electronic data interchange in the core business, so that you can rely on EDI specialists.
• Depending on how you are positioned internationally, you should consider the global reach of your service as a decision criterion. Having its own international locations considerably facilitates cross-border co-operation.
• Examine references and the range of experience of your service provider to make sure that you select a professional one.

Our conclusion: Inform yourself thoroughly – our guide will help you!

Nowadays, it is no longer necessary to make expensive investments in your own data center. Therefore, many companies prefer the flexible and scalable possibilities of EDI/B2B Cloud Services that are provided by professional EDI service providers. Accept their offer and profit from a secure and powerful EDI infrastructure, optimum scalability and predictable monthly costs.

But thoroughly check which services are relevant to you and whether the chosen provider can meet these requirements. You should also make sure that it complies with the five principles for successful EDI, which can be conveniently studied in our free guide.