In a large organization, chances are there is more than one Rob Johnson, Bill Smith or Susan Hill working there. Whatever the case may be, sending files through SAP to the wrong Rob, Bill or Susan, is just one of the many ways data can get lost inside and outside a company. The fact of the matter is data loss is more likely to be caused by someone inside your company than a hacker.

Data is often lost during simple day-to-day transactions. Unfortunately, SAP doesn’t provide a native way to prevent unauthorized data exports. In this day and age, simply counting on your people to protect what they should is a big leap of faith that can end up costing you a small fortune. Organizations need a way to ensure data falls into the right hands and stays out of the wrong hands.

SEEBURGER Managed File Transfer (SEE MFT) for SAP was specifically designed for ensuring data security in SAP solutions. It overrides SAP’s export function to automatically enforce predefined business policies and permissions to ensure both senders and receivers are authorized to access and transmit a file. It’s a user-friendly solution that’s no muss for the end user and no fuss for you.

We recently published an article in SAPinsider that explains how you can protect your SAP data.  Once you’ve reviewed the article, visit our MFT solution center to learn more.