BYOD-imageBring Your Own Device (BYOD) is basically an official, unofficial or unwanted policy of employees bringing their own mobile devices to work to use for work purposes. They use their devices to access confidential company applications, data and files. BYOD exposes companies to significant risk. But it also offers companies significant opportunities. As far as the trend goes, employers are finding it next to impossible to stop it. When it comes to how you approach BYOD, you essentially have two options.

Ignore it

1)  What can happen?
You’re exposing yourself to data breach risks, as well as potential regulatory non-compliance. You are also inadvertently sending a strong message to your employees that you find them too untrustworthy for BYOD and they should just accept the burden of managing multiple devices.

2)  Next steps:

Deal with it

1)  What can happen?
BYOD offers the potential to cut costs on the money you spend on mobile devices, including smartphones, laptops and tablets. You also increase employee morale by telling them you trust them to use personal devices for the benefit of the company. You are a flexible employer.

2)  Next steps:
Put a solution in place that will ensure company data is secure from unauthorized data breach.

If you choose to accept the future of BYOD, you need a way to secure your data when it’s on employee’s personal devices. That’s where a solution like SEEBURGER SEE FX Mobile comes in. Considering we’re the recent Info Security Product Guide Awards gold winner in the BYOD category (our fourth award since its inception), you’d be hard pressed to find a better solution for mobile data security on employee’s devices. SEE FX Mobile allows users and the business to:

  • Access files on the SEE FX server on the go without a laptop
  • Subscribe to and synchronize the latest versions of files automatically
  • Enforce corporate and regulatory security policies for mobile users
  • Maintain a complete, integrated audit trail of all file exchanges

As a component of our SEEBURGER MFT solution (which is offered on a low monthly subscription basis or through a traditional license) SEE FX Mobile is a free downloadable mobile app—can’t beat that. And with clients like Keurig owner Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, the world’s largest investor-owned energy provider and the largest financial services firm in Northern Europe, it’s a tried-and-true solution that major companies know they can depend on. Learn more today by visiting our SEE FX Mobile and SEE MFT solution centers.