Patrizia Sauer

About Patrizia Sauer

Patrizia Sauer has been Business Development Manager at SEEBURGER AG for CPG/Retail for four years now. She focuses mainly on e-commerce solutions, customer and partner support in this environment, and innovations for the digitalization of functional and technical business processes. Ms. Sauer is a manager of industrial engineering specializing in online sales & marketing, and has multiple years of professional experience in the software industry and digital trade, having worked for seven years prior thereto at Amazon EU.

How Oracle users can successfully meet the diverse integration requirements of digitizing cross-company value chains

Oracle offers its customers a wide range of applications for digitizing business processes. This makes companies faster, more innovative and more economical. The measures generally affect all areas of a company, from development and production, through sales and procurement, to delivery and services for end customers. It is important to look at the entire value [...]

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