As data patterns chawhy-seeburgernge, governance takes a higher priority and security becomes more complex, Financial Services Institutions are looking to invest in modernizing their transmission platforms. SEEBURGER is ready for this MFT 3.0 drive guided by our significant Banking, Insurance and Financial Services clientele around the world.

M&A strategy for FSI with SEEBURGER

Over the past 15 years, the legacy of mergers and acquisitions, economic cycles, legislation, globalization, diverse lines of business and rapid technological change have conspired to dramatically increase the complexity and fragility of a financial institution’s data transmission platform and community.

To add to the risk factor, the support for this legacy has been eroded by a combination of staff churn, outsourcing, redundancies and vendor consolidation. The very suggestion that this complex interwoven puzzle should be realigned and modernized fills the leadership at financial institutions with anxiety. Many global brands have now taken the plunge thanks to SEEBURGER’s modern platform, tested migration capability and safe pair of hands supporting our clients through the decommissioning of the many components that make up the complex legacy.

See what Ovum says about SEEBURGER’S unified platform

“Our ability and commitment to invest in the Financial Services Business Unit and North America as well as in other geographies stems from 25 years of consistent innovation and a mantra of delighting our customers with quality solutions and service,” says CEO and Founder of SEEBURGER Mr. Bernd Seeburger. “Being a private company not beholden to the vagaries of venture capital, we are able to take the long term view to our markets. This enables us to ensure our clients have the quality support they need while progressively growing our business.”

Stay tuned for a special report with the Founder and CEO of SEEBURGER, Mr. Bernd Seeburger about the future of SEEBURGER and SEEBURGER products.


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